Gucci Prada Louis Lyrics Tiktok

Gucci Prada Louis Lyrics Tiktok sung by Twista represents the TikTok Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Gucci Prada by Twista.

Gucci Prada Louis Lyrics Tiktok

(Gucci, Louis, Prada (4x))
Uuuh-huh! New Twista y’all
I sat back long enough
Now it’s time for me to go psycho again!

Rock my Gucci, Louis, Prada
Suzuki, new Impala
Like Flukey I get them dollars
Boogie, you do me nada
Make your vision decompose
Be so ridiculous when you’re looking at the clothes
Like I got a garden I was looking at the hoes
And when they saw the apparel that was when a b^^ch chose…
Then she froze, I be looking so fabulous
Never the one to be tested cause it’d be nothing for me
To just go in the closet to show what I’m dressing like
Get ’em I’m looking impressive and I’m somebody not to be messing with
How I do it is a hell of a method
And when I be steppin’ up in the vicinity I’mma demolish ’em
With the Gucci, Louis and Prada that’s on my body
I’mma hurt ’em with a fit that cost a lil more than your residence…
Gu-Gu-Gucci, Louis, Prada like
Sushi, Benihana’s, doushie, do don dadas
Well tell her come on I got her!
I be sick of you f^^king with raggedy n^^gas
And looking ridiculous I could be taking you
Shoppin’ and poppin’ a bottle every time we go in a party
And probably I make it rain a couple dollars in my

Gucci, Louis, Prada (4x)
(In My) Gucci, Louis, Prada (4x)

Gucci belt, Gucci shoes, but some days it’s all Louie fool!
What up little momma? I see you in them Prada shoes!
I see you with them bags! Haha, c’mon, let’s go!

Rock my Gucci, Louis, Prada
‘Make a Movie’, because I’m a
Bellucci, Lady Gaga
Who be making them dollars?
When I’m stepping on the set
How I be rockin’ it be havin’ me lookin’ wet
Lyric acrobatic I’m in the designer vest
If you lookin’ at me bogus I’mma take it as a threat!
When you see me I’m the one of a popular
When I be rockin’ the fashion I be killin’ the minute
And look at the women the way that they be switchin’ and walkin’
And workin’ the runway I’m checkin’ on how astonishin’ they be lookin’…
V.I.P is like a fashion show
Everybody lookin’ the best they can look and when they do it it be
Swagga on a million and I be feelin’ ’em
So I’mma tell her that I love how the a^^ look in her Prada…
Gucci, Louis, Prada
In a suit we, pray to the father
In a koofi you pray to Allah
But mostly the almighty dollar
Don’t know why we so materialistic instead of being a mystic
But if I gotta do it I’mma be the best and I’mma s^^t on my opponent
When I’m on it in the club, they don’t want it when I’m in my

Gucci, Louis, Prada (5x)
(In My) Gucci, Louis, Prada (3x)

The last shall be first, and the first shall be last!
Success is the best revenge, so get it how ya live!
Keep yo swag on a thousand and mojo on a milli!
Let’s go!
Gucci, Louis, Prada (15x)
Gucci, Louis…

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