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Go Bestfriend Go Best Friend Go Tiktok Lyrics sung by $hyfromdatre represents the Tiktok Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Go Bestfriend by $hyfromdatre.

Go Bestfriend Go Best Friend Go Tiktok Lyrics

Da f__kk
Hold on- b__ch es got beef but don’t wanna fight me
Quit all that work h__ bite me-
Hold on-

B__ch you fat need a tummy tuck
You dropping dis songs man b__ch get your money up
If you bout it then run up
Used to be cool with this b__ch
But she mad that i’m coming up
You a thot you gon s_ck it up
I got a white b__ch in the club wanna pump it up
F_!k a speech imma sum it up
Shawty on a track you already know she gonna f__k it up

B__ch , ya needa to worry bout a bag
Im rocking these shows and that’s why she mad
After this dis, you goin out sad
B__ch you not boujee you don’t got no cla__
Turnt in da booth an im piped off dat gas
Spin on yo block den we hitting da dash
Its still love fah ya doe
But b__ch –im bout to get on yo a__

Shy gotta potty mouth
You wanna talk sh_t
B__ch — lets talk bout yo body count
You stink throw yo body out
Tryna hang wit da kid
Im da life of da party now
Ya’all supposed ta look up ta me
B__ch you can’t rap an you really not touchin me
Jus like a virg!n lil b__ch cannot f__k wit me
An i never been p_ssy but ya know wa__up wit me

Now this b__ch wanna pop sh_t
We was jus cool now this b__ch wanna act like a oop b__ch
Now she mad she can’t stop sh_t
Said that ma breath stink
Cus im spittin dat hot sh_t

Quit all dat barkin lil b__ch an come bite me
B__ch es got beef but they don wanna fight me
Turnt to my music but swear they don’t like me
You got my number h__ facetime skype me

These h__s wanna be me
Im on yo radio soon ima be on yo tv
John cena b__ch es can’t see me
Im goin up an its these hella fans wanna meet me
B__ch es don’t get me
B__ch why you hatin you could’ve been goin up wit me
Spear on the b__ch like she brittney
You could diss any b__ch but instead you gonna pick me
Make a b__ch wanna hit me
B__ch es me cap on my name the sh__ did not fit me
Show deez b__ch es no pity
These b__ch es wanna be friends then admit it you miss me
Wrap up da beat like a doubie
Ion give a f__k bout opinions you know imma do me
B__ch you a nat, you a groupie
Told da li b__ch es its some snacks & pulled up wit scoobies

B__ch — the f__kkk
Dumb a__ h__
I just got on dis b__ch a__
B__ch you don’t rap harder than me
Get that sh_t the f__kk up


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