Gilbert Ortega Scottsdale Arizona Lyrics

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Gilbert Ortega Scottsdale Arizona Lyrics

Owner of a Native American gallery, Gilbert Ortega Jr., is being prosecuted for denigrating indigenous dancers when they were performing for CNN. When they were playing in front of a Super Bowl LVII sign, the Navajo locals were repeatedly made fun of by the gallery owner. The Scottsdale-based gallery is currently being avoided on social media.

Since the event, Gilbert Ortega Jr. has been accused of three misdemeanour counts of disorderly behaviour. Investigations into the incident are still ongoing. Police have nonetheless confirmed that the incident did not meet the definition of a hate crime.

Ortega is heard shouting racial epithets at the native performers in a video that has gone popular on social media. He was also observed cursing at the populace while raising his arms. The gallerist began shouting “heya heya” while making fun of the dance as the dancers proceeded to perform in front of a huge Super Bowl sign close to Ortega’s shop.

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Gilbert Ortega made Arizona head lines for harassment in Native performance for ESPN.

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