Foxglove Through the Clearcut Lyrics – Death Cab for Cutie

Foxglove Through the Clearcut Lyrics sung by Death Cab for Cutie represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Foxglove Through the Clearcut by Death Cab for Cutie.

Foxglove Through the Clearcut Lyrics

There was a man who used to live by the ocean
But he never set foot in the sea
It made him nervous that the water was always in motion
And he feared the creatures who swam beneath
And when i asked him how he’d ended up there
Above a world he would never know

He said he’d driven all the way across america
And when he got to the edge there was nowhere left to go
Nowhere left to go
He said that nothing lives long, only the earth and the mountains
As he quoted black kettle’s death song
The words drifting off into the emptiness
Of this great land where we’ve never belonged
And while the frontiers are ever-expanding

Our living rooms fall into disarray
And no one seems interested in fixing what they’ve broken
They just sweep the pieces into the bushes and slip away
And slowly slip away
And now he and i watch the foxglove grow through the clearcut
Where a forest once grew high and wild
For what is a funeral without flowers
And ten thousand tombstones reaching for the sky
Reaching for the sky

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