Foenem Lyrics – Lil Sace

Foenem Lyrics” sung by Lil Sace represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Foenem by Lil Sace.

Foenem Lyrics

I said Foenem get em’ what he wants
I said.. (I said)
(woah, woah)
Get Foenem what he needs, Get Foenem what he wants
(woah, woah)

Get Foenem what he wants, that’s my dawg
I can’t switch up on Bronem aw hell nah
Baby I run this shit ain’t no walk
Run two guns on me, it’s a Glock
I love her tryna make her my rock
Yeah I got a soft spot not for the opps
Sleep on me until it eats you up alive
Sippin’ codeine it helps me sleep at night
Watch me count these bands while they sad in the past
Get your hands off my mans before this Choppa blast
Aim for the head just to leave him with no Memories
Lookin’ like he scared cause he see what’s next to me
Talk online, all these death threats he sending me
Alkaline, you better come with that same energy
Draw the line, You was acting on my insta-feed
Carbine 9 gladly put you out your misery
All my life, I’m a heartbroken enemy
All these signs, Lil bitch is you testing me
Came thru stuntin’ cross the street they blew my patience
Moncler on my back, Lil nigga hating
Servin’ all these packs I’m gonna pull up in a Benz truck
You not finna take my shit 40 Glock they twins bruh
All I even knew was never fold never bend
Purple ruger on my lap nigga this the end
Steady chase this bag, Rob a nigga need no mask
Choppa on my back, All these bitches they just cap
Gotta problem call up Dee we shoot and flea the scene
Diamonds on my teeth I just love how they gleam
Young dread head see how savage I can be
Sneak dissing all they do is talk down on me
Nigga meet me you gone have to see this beam
Let my hittas handle you, you ain’t a thing
Zay buss his body up, Make him Double dutch
Get my money up, Quit the fussin’ bruh
Put my niggas on, Get rich all on my own
Couple niggas switched up but now we know who hoes
I be countin’ dead folks, while you bitches dead broke
Mess with me I’m gone up that fuckin’ damn pole
No baby you will not catch me in no rental
This is the end imma shoot you and your Kinfolk, woah

(Oh, woah)
I hope Foenem get what he wants now

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