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Flergate Lyrics English Translation sung by PA Sports represents the German Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Flergate by PA Sports.

Flergate Lyrics English Translation

Hey, tell my PA, he doesn’t need to, um, make this topic bigger with you or anyone else
Tell him, I’m sorry, I didn’t want to, um, how do you say it?
I didn’t want to, um, expose, humiliate, or oppress him, that’s not my style
He’s also right, I made the first, the first wrong move
I opened my mouth about something that’s none of my business

Hey, Fler!
It’s time for a beating, you dogface
You’ve been begging for it for years now, huh?
Take it like a man, you wimp
One hundred fifty bars
One hundred fifty bars up your a^^, man
Do you remember? Hahahaha

There’s only one misfit who deserves to be screwed this bad
Just because you’re a meme, we haven’t destroyed you yet
If you weren’t so broke, I’d compare you to Mr. Burns
Twenty years in rap, but no gold in the interior
See the fat b^^tard like an open buffet
Bring your end, Flizzy, without mentioning the carrot
This little dog makes videos with a double budget
For half a million streams on a song that doesn’t move (Nothing)
You were a traitor back then, the disgrace of your era
You’ve been saying in interviews for years that the others don’t get it
But if you were label-free, I wouldn’t even sign your tail
The scene hates you because you’re just too annoying (So much)
I’ve never met anyone who listens to Fler (No one)
Today, the fat son of a b^^ch gets killed in the booth
Lak, my wife gets more likes on her pictures than you (Hahaha)
You’ve been barking for two years, trying to suppress the weak
But everyone on my label would f^^k this p^^sy
You want me to straighten it out (No)
Just because I’m telling how you mentioned at the table in front of me that now the LKA protects you
We know you’re a p^^sy (Yes), don’t act like lower class here
Intellectual Iranian who f^^ks your mother
Like 2Pac in the casino
Already in 2002, you were just the disabled brother of Bushido to me (Hah)
We were together at Savas’ shoot, already forgotten, you cookie?
Met so many colleagues, all rappers were nice
The guy from Essen has to go (Yeah)
When my boys came to pick me up, Flizzy hid his chain (Hehehe)
This is an undertaking, see the old grandpa vaping like a s^^t
But no HGH and anti-aging can help your face
I’ve often told you, “Don’t mention my name”
Because in consequence, you’re turning into a dog
Yes, he likes to f^^k men, for me, Fler is a loser
Billy Wilder, the benchmark is only low because of you (Heh)
Just a dead wack MC against a five-star rapper
Beef with Life is Pain will be Bela for you
Because your mother gets my G’s, she wants to swallow, she’s not a hybrid
Give her a Fler mask so the b^^ch loves you once
No, you’re not masculine just because you threaten Marvin or Jiggy
Don’t forget where I come from, 45 is the city code
People hate you because you’re characterless and dirty
German rap would party if you got punched in the face
Everyone thinks you’re s^^ty (Everyone)
I swear to God, even the City Chicken worker would love to f^^k Flizzy
You’re mass-produced, my skills are limited edition
In order to flow like me, would you drink my dog’s p^^s?
I can’t stand the crap you’re spewing (No).
Morning at the HOOK UP Festival, just for a sunstroke,
While you’re playing a role in Wacken interviews.
I’m making a hundred thousand a week with my catalog,
These bars here knock you out.
You’re not a pimp just because you sell your girlfriend to the rockers out of fear (Piç).
It’s crazy how confident you are, Flizzy is confident.
But when I’m done with you, all that’s left is rowing (Oh yeah).
Every bullet hits you, you orangutan face.
I could rap as easy as you, but you can’t be like me.
Look, I’m accurate, Big Patrick keeps getting more frantic.
No respect for battle rap, that’s why the Esseners are coming today.
Ridiculous loser, my boards are unpredictable.
And your new girlfriend f^^ks in the ocean for sixty bucks.
What information do you have besides stories from the haters?
You’re a brave label boss and an even worse designer.
The wackest song on Friday is your only contribution.
Wake me up at four in the morning, and I’ll kill you half asleep.
Flizzy dreams of Benjamins but remains an insolvent child.
When I’m done with you, you’ll post a donation link, Piç.
S^^king up to “Shirinbae,” but you’re not getting the points.
Which trendy act features a son of a b^^ch like you?
It’s time to educate you because you’re so uncouth.
And in front of real men, your posing won’t help you (No)
Because in my neighborhood, they’ll snatch your chain that burns me (Haha)
And an hour later, Patrick’s in interrogation (Weak)
Slaughter your square head with bars that get too close to you
The disses on “Forever” were nothing more than a warning (Just a warning)
I’m the better rapper, better label boss
Better shooter, better G, and a better Playboy, check
Eight times gone gold as a musician
Released forty gold and platinum singles with my label, Flizzy, good day
Twenty million catalog value, five million in real estate
Lambo Huracán, BMW 7 Series, and nothing on lease
Around half a million in watches and a hundred for jewelry
Two healthy children, a healthy dog
Two loving parents, healthy brothers, healthy boys (Okay)
I’m everything you’d like to be, you silly boy
That p^^sant is pitiable
The distributor gives you a hundred for an album, but this PA f^^ks your worth (Oh)
German Two-Face would like to be part of the New Wave
But every twenty-year-old is fresher than you, fake
Only the victims who have been oppressed become oppressors themselves
That’s why you insult mothers without honor or backbone
Fler points at Bushido, even though he’s a hundred times worse
Signing to Maskulin means being behind bars
Forced to stay in his dirty apartment
Writing the same chorus thirty times without taking a s^^t
Who beats the weaker, Flizzy, and who sends Beko to me?
A look into your eyes is enough, there’s nothing ghetto in you
I’ll bring you down to the ground floor (Okay)
I believe the last perspective left for you is to box with the universe
Jungle camp, summer house of the stars, or TV chef
Doesn’t matter where it ends, from today, I’m taking Fler’s head
You know, FOURTY wanted to sign with me, right?
Now I’m annoyed
Now he’s platinum, huh
No, no, but I wouldn’t have done it as well as you, or like PA

I rap on Trap too, so Flizzy, what’s up? (What’s up)
Doesn’t matter which style, I still sound dope (Not like you)
I’ve spared this clown for too long
From today, you’re done like a fully used condom (Hehehe)
Listen to how I flow on these beats, you little punk (Okay)
You think you’re on the same level as Jamule and Ufo? (Oh)
You think you’re like Shindy or Luciano (Haha)
But you haven’t been allowed to enter the USA for years, bro (No)
I kill this sucker with lines (Okay), don’t even consider you an enemy (Yes)
Why does this guy look more and more like a pig with each passing year?
The whole country’s hyped again (Yes), they know I’m tearing you apart (Okay)
And if you need someone to rhyme a diss track, please let me know (Cash)
You wanted to tease a bit, but now you’re in too deep (In too deep)
Make everyone who hates you fall in love with me (Yes)
I think you had too much Ritalin in your childhood (Too much)
That’s why you talk in interviews like a prick (You little prick)
F-Flizzy-Manizzy, I’ll pierce you today with patterns you don’t even grasp
Go ahead and spread lies about my baby girl, but don’t think that’s enough
Screw your albums from Neue Deutsche Welle to Flersguterjunge to Vibe
You envious b^^tard, every word from your mouth is proof for us
“Fanpost 2,” you got dug up
Tactical mistake, ’cause the b^^tard managed to escape
You pretending to be a rap expert is just outrageous
In the next interview, he explains that this isn’t how you flow
Welcome to the war, all you can eat, still ready to die
Bon Appétit, easy game, today Paddy gets divided (Yes)
At your door at night, here comes Santa Claus
When will Patrick escape from the shadow of Bushido?

When will it finally happen, Patrick?
Hey, you little prostitutes
By the way, this is how you rap on Trap
And that’s far from my core competence
Man, that’s two days of work
Let’s see if you can find some unemployed junkie to write you an answer
But be careful, Fler
Your pimp girlfriend, your joint business, and the escort hookers you hang out with in Düsseldorf
I haven’t even addressed them yet
We all know what a p^^sy you are
And that’s why we also know the level you want
But I don’t need lies to f^^k you
The truth about you is more than enough
You d^^k

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