Drunk in the Bathtub Lyrics – Jessie Murph

Drunk in the Bathtub Lyrics sung by Jessie Murph represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Drunk in the Bathtub by Jessie Murph.

Drunk in the Bathtub Lyrics

At a Party on the West Side
Showed Up Quarter After Midnight
Had Like 4 Too Many Budlights
God I Know Just What It Feels Like

When Your Knees They Feel Weak
And You Don’t Wanna Speak
And the Days Become Weeks
And the Nights Become Life

When You Feel Like Your Dying
When It’s Mid July and Your Cold

I Cannot Get Up but Trust Me I’m Trying
I’m Making These Messes
I’m Tearing This Dresses
I’m Slurrin My S’s I Know

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