Digga D Intro NbN Lyrics – Noughty by Nature

Intro NbN Lyrics sung by Digga D ft. AJ Tracey from the album Noughty by Nature represents the English Music Ensemble.

Intro NbN Lyrics

[Intro: Digga D]
Yo, anything you hear in my rappin’ about, it’s all facts, nothing’s fabricated
The s^^t you hear them rappin’ about is all cap, everything’s exaggerated
(It’s Swidom)
Yo, I live the life they rap about
Noughty By Nature, you know the vibes

Lanark Road in Edinburgh House, in a council flat, just me and my mum
Went school in Gr^^^, went Appleford Road, Saint Thomas’ School, that’s me and MSkum (Bro)
Then I moved to F^^^^ Avenue, that pussio used to live opposite man
I knew everyone in this ends was wet, I used to look up to the opposite gang
It’s crazy that man used to live in Za^^ (Crazy)
Finished school and go and play ball with S^^^^ and E^^^^, my partner
When I see him, I’ma stop his heart
I used to sell weed to M Lo’s girl
Mum’s life, I was eleven or twelve
With a half an ‘am and some digital scales, moved in with my nan’, used to sneak in girls (I used to come through the back)
177 Saltram Crescent, my nan’ got cancer, I was eleven
She passed away, know she went to heaven
And she’s on my mind, that’s all through lessons (All through lessons)
328 all the way to Gr^^^, I’m goin’ Harrow Club where school is done
Year 6 summer, I started goin’ there, that’s when I met JSav and Hunch (Gang, gang)
Any bike with a Poundland lock got popped
Any body that told man, “Stop” got rocked (Yeah)
They caught me at school sellin’ weed, got clocked
And that’s when all of that school stuff stopped (Khalas)
Now, man’s gettin’ a little bit older
The Bu^^ yutes got a problem with the P
But I used to chill with J^^^^^ and them man, it’s only Mo^^^^ the mandem beef
One day, all of the guys went Gl^^^ gang, four got chinged, n^^gas know that I soaked man
Four shanks, two cabs, nine man, how we gettin’ back? Never had no plan (S^^t)
Fifteen, they caught me on boxin’ day (D^^n)
Man could’ve ran off and got away
But I took that vio’ (Yeah)
And that’s when I copped a gauge

Copped the f^^kin’ dots man, Shotty Shane
That’s when the get-back started, you get me?
You know the vibes, you lot turned me to a demon, CGM s^^t
Grr, grr, grr

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