Devil I’ve Seen Lyrics – Cameron Whitcomb

Devil I’ve Seen Lyrics sung by Cameron Whitcomb represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Devil I’ve Seen by Cameron Whitcomb.

Devil I’ve Seen Lyrics

Suzy was sweeter than sunday choir
Till she met the devil one night after mass
Suzy was boozin’ standing beside her was
Tall dark and handsome who reached for her glass

He said ‘my name is’ she said ‘hello’
Woke up beside him missing her clothes
Sick to her stomach in fear as she froze
Satan had stolen a piece of her soul

The devil ‘ve seen walk-in these streets
Back alley bullish filling his teeth
It’s hard to know when the devil might show
Looking like an anybody everybody knows

You could be riding he’s always hiding
He’s a sheep skin demon in disguises
It’s hard to guess but you’ll never believe
The devil I’ve seen

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