Deku Deku You Can Call Me Deku Lyrics

“Deku Deku You Can Call Me Deku Lyrics” sung by Rustage represents the English Music Ensemble. This song is originally known as Class 1-A.

Deku Deku You Can Call Me Deku Lyrics

[Verse 1: Rustage] -Izuku Midoriya, Hero Name: Deku
Call me Deku, I’m starting out on this cypher
I was quirkless, but by working, I’m deserving something higher
It’s my purpose, I’m versing my present, future and my past
So I’m gonna rock the mic with a Detroit Smash!
Taking a second i’m breaking my limit, I’m hitting with everything the pain I can feel it
I’m straining my muscles, I tussle with enemies, better be ready, I’m more than a critic
I spit it exhibit it all night, I’m killing it chilling with All Might
A villain inhibited by my ability, in minutes, you’re watching my school fight

[Verse 2: Shwabadi] – Tokoyami Fumikage, Hero Name: Tsukuyomi
When you cross this bird, you might get to see me wield the talons
So absurd how I’m applying subverse talents
Yes I’m cursed, carry a demon, I’m full of malice
Even worse for you when striking a bitter balance
Dark claws harming the vermin that are below me
Start wars, armed with determination and ONI
Get back, I’ve been endangering those who know me
Jet Black Hero, they calling me Tsukuyomi

[Verse 3: DaisyBanaisy] – Ochako Uraraka, Hero Name: Uravity
I’ll make you float as I’m messing with zero gravity
Don’t mean to gloat when I’m calculating these strategies
Rapidly climbing casually, my quirk “lacks in lethality”
But actually, your apathy will lead straight to your casualty
I’ll happily fight for justice with all of my capacity
My motive’s money, thankfully that don’t define morality
Reality is, I’m just helping others for my family
I’m saving all humanity, don’t you mess with Uravity
[Verse 4: Dan Bull] – Tenya lida, Hero Name: Ingenium
I’ve got many a twitch, that’s the Tenya Itch
I’m like my test scores, I got plenty of tics
Academic, educated, but I never skip leg day
Still regretful of the day that I met Stain
Enraged by what he did to my brother Tensei
I didn’t handle it the best way I dare say
Left my hand damaged in remembrance of fair play
I’m representing Class 1-A, they’re my best mates

[Verse 5: Sophia Dere] – Tsuyu Asui, Hero Name: Froppy
Ribbit ribbit, exhibit a hero’s spirit
I’m in it and so I’ll win it, when I’m swimming, yeah, I won’t stop
This frog’s idyllic, not a gimmick in a minute
I’ll be launching in to kill it, like a frog, I’m bringing mad hops
My tongue’s deadly spitting and I take charge
And then I’m turning invisible with my camouflage
In the water, no villain can dare to stop me
You’re looking sloppy now, you’re facing Froppy

[Verse 6: VideoGameRapBattles]- Hanta Sero, Hero Name: Cellophane
Lucky 13 of the A-1 team
Kid, I spit great mixtapes, stick your team
Wraps so clean, and I’m sealing all the matches
Now that Cellophane will bring the pain all wrapped up in a package
Getting shipped with tons of damage, but there’s no send backs
Shut you up with my bind attacks
Get back, ’cause you know that I’ll be winnin’
In this sticky situation, so I think you better stick it
[Verse 7: Dreaded Yasuke] – Mezo Shoji, Hero Name: Tentacole
(Yeah) You can call me wall that have ears, door that have eyes
Meaning I’m cavalier when it comes to fighting, just like a spy
In close combat, my dupli-arms is coming for the harm
And I’m laughing at you if you’re trying to disarm
I’ll sacrifice for everybody exhausting my quirk
Even when I’m down for the count, I’m disguising my smirk
You can cut off all of my limbs, and still coming with a burst
Class 1-A will always come first

[Verse 8: Savvy Hyuga] – Kyouka Jiro, Hero Name: Earphone Jack
It’s ya’ edgy girl, Earphone Jack
Utilizing my quirk in both stealth and combat
I guess I can see how you think I fell flat
But let me show you I can make up for that with punk rock attacks
When my earlobes are growing, you know they whipping and probing
Now they gotchu’ tip-toeing finding the range that my tone is
It’s not your typical motion, and my moves don’t need compression
It’s just another jam session, beat you with my form of expression

[Verse 9: DizzyEight] – Denki Kaminari, Hero Name: Chargebolt
It’s time to put in work, I got this cypher on lock
Look, I don’t need my quirk when this verse will leave you shocked
Like a battery, I got the juice, so they put me in a box
When my positive meets negative I’m like, “So what?”
You don’t want that static with me, homie, it’s fatal
I got so much energy, I’m plugged in without the cable
On the low, I’ll leave everybody on the scene disabled
I’m underrated, but in a flash, I’ll leave you endangered (Woo!)
[Verse 10: NoneLikeJoshua] – Shoto Todoroki, Hero Name: Shoto
It’s Todoroki, I chose to be cold and lonely
Nobody can hold me with the inferno, I’m overloading
From a broken home to known hero, I’m going up slowly
But surely and be better than Endeavor whether it’s hot or it’s snowing
Even if I’m behind, I’ll be sure to make Bakugo see
I do it for all of his might or to stop Killer Stain, forget any trophy
So now that you’re immobilized and then frozen in pain, no-one can approach me
Put up a wall of my ice or a wall of my flames to build your enclosing

[Verse 11: Gameboy Jones] -Rikido Sato, Hero Name: Sugarman
Give me ten grams of white, then I’m activated (Wow)
Wait I’m talking bout the sugar that I took
Got a sweet tooth for taking out these villains ’cause they’re agitating (Woo!)
Plus the girlies like a guy that can cook
Call me Sato the Macho, I’m saving these streets
Yeah, these nachos are not yours, I need me a treat
And this crime fighting’s hard work, it can leave me beat
But like candy and cakes, being me is real sweet (Woo!)

[Verse 12: Star Girl] – Mina Ashido, Hero Name: Pinky
The corrosive caped crusader, Pinky, here to save the day
End up taking center stage upon these lyrics that I lay up
Easy going, I’m passionate, in battle, I’m not passive
See it flowing, I don’t spit fire, I spit acid
Hypnotic fashion sense, I leave you in a trance (Aye)
I’m good at fighting, my other skills are in dance (Aye)
Protect my friends, we’re going in on advance (Aye)
Mina Ashido, you don’t even stand a chance (Woo!)

[Verse 13: NemRaps from NerdOut!] – Elijiro Kirishima, Hero Name: Red Riot
Kirishima’s here, everybody stand down
I’ma activate a quirk and give your chest a hand pound
With these ‘Red Gun Turrets’, yeah, the target is locked
I’m a boulder with a boner, man, I’m hard as a rock
I’m unbreakable, cannot penetrate this armor
And I don’t need a little blue pill to get harder
I’m full of energy, enemies looking dead tired
Blood running in the street, you can call it Red Riot (Yeah!)

[Verse 14: Connor Rapper] -Koji Koda, Hero Name: Anima
I’m the quiet type, lying with the wildlife
When I’m on you, wouldn’t even need subtitle lines
Nervous around others, I’m the last one who would yell loud
But to be a hero then I need to break this shell now
Yo’ it’s Koda bringing massive noise, flowing with that anivoice
That timid kid with rabbit toys no longer acting coy
Drinking honey tea, facing my fear of bugs and bees
Get a bull stampeding with words like I’m Douglby

[Verse 15: Zach Boucher] – Yuga Aoyama, Hero Name: I Can’t Stop Twinkling
Never needed fame or money, I can get it later
Even though it hurts my tummy when I use my Navel Laser
I have got finesse, snazzier than all the rest, I’m the best
Nothing less, being honest, not a flex, I’m a threat
It’s getting harder to stomach, I’ve got the smarts and I love it
I’m certainly perfect, it hurts, just like the art of seduction
Heart of a puma, get ready to lose, I’ll be spreading the truth, and
Y’all are stupid if you choose to fight against the Yuga

[Verse 16: HalaCG] – Momo Yayorozu, Hero Name: Creati
I’ve got the quirk ‘Creation’ and patience to work it
Balancing equations, don’t even need to research it
Sequencing elements, a testament to intelligence
You better watch out, ’cause I’m not feeling very benevolent
If a person’s in trouble, just wait and see what I’ll do
I can literally make anything, overpowered who?
Overpowered who? I meant, I’ll overpower you
It’s true, sincerely, Class 1-A’s Momo Yaoyorozu

[Verse 17: Nux Taku] – Minoru Mineta, Hero Name: Grape Juice
Where the ladies at? (Aye) Where the ladies at? (Aye)
Mineta’s here to peek at women’s that I’m gazing at
People thinking that I’m weak, but you know what I say to that
Leave you in a sticky situation with my grape attacks
Underestimating me? You’re lacking information
Incapacitation, when you’re facing me, frustration
Master of flirtation, pretty much the top dog
You ain’t ever coming close when I pop off

[Verse 18: Rockit Gaming] – Mashirao Ojiro, Hero Name: Tailman
Ojiro, the Tailman, you get what you train for
Master martial artist, black belt on my waist, though
Nobody even really understands me
Got intelligence, can’t predict any hit that I’m landing
A classmate you confide in with dignity
You can wear a costume, all I got on is a Gi
Noble attitude, that’s my personality
Accept results that I earn with my own abilities

[Verse 19: Outcast Rae] – Toru Hagakure, Hero Name: Invisible Girl
Take you by surprise, yeah, I can do it easy
Miss me with your eyes, yeah, you can’t even see me
No matter what you try, yeah, you can never beat me
Feels a little cheesy, like a wish from a genie
When it comes to action, my quirk is in light refraction
So it has the side effect of never being a distraction
Sneak up on my enemies, let me be the best assassin
Toru Hagakure, you can feel my passion

[Verse 20: Daddyphatsnaps] – Katsuki Bakugo, Hero Name: Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight
I don’t think you other heroes are even listening
Maybe I should focus your attention with some glycerin
You don’t even get it, there’s really no competition
I’m lighting these rookies up, boy, I’m slaying on every mission
I’ll show them once for all, little Deku won’t know what hit him
I will get the recognition, exploding the opposition
I will be the greatest hero, that ever took the position
So come at me, little b****es, I’ll make you wish that you didn’t

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