Daddy Daddy Hurry I Saw Something Scurry Lyrics

“Daddy Daddy Hurry I Saw Something Scurry Lyrics” sung by Garrett Davis represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Story From North America by Garrett Davis.

Daddy Daddy Hurry I Saw Something Scurry Lyrics

Here’s a story from North America

Daddy daddy daddy hurry
I saw something scurry

Son what’s all this screaming for?
You’re gonna wake the neighbors next door

Daddy I think there’s a spider on my floor
Is it?
And will you squish it?

You call me in here in the middle of the night
To come into your room and destroy life?
Is that what they teach you in Sunday School?

But daddy it’s gross, its got a million legs
A billion eyes and a trillion eggs

Son it’s not disgusting it’s just reality
Take a deep breath and appreciate life
Look how delicate his legs are crawling across your bedroom floor
Do you know the proper name?

That’s right

We’re living in a world that’s full of creatures
Big and small
Hairy and slimy
You’re not the center of the world
How would you feel if a giant hand came out of the sky and decided to crush you?

I guess I’d be scared but daddy
What if the spider hurts me?

He didn’t hurt you yet, did he son?
Your logic is flawed and you come undone
Swallow your pride
What if the spider said the same thing?
‘Daddy daddy, kill that kid?’
That’s the point dad, what if he did?
That’s why
I have to strike first

What if he did? What if he didn’t?
What if the world was made of pudding?
All I’m saying is consider something besides your
Thirst for blood

Dad you’re right
Now I see
He’s got a family

Now you’re learning understanding
Finally you’re becoming human
Let’s return him to his natural habitat
Put him in a cup and take him outside


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