Could I Believe in a Man I Dont See Lyrics – Cameron Whitcomb

Could I Believe in a Man I Dont See Lyrics sung by Cameron Whitcomb represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is (Unknown) by Cameron Whitcomb.

Could I Believe in a Man I Dont See Lyrics

Could I believe in a man I don’t see
Wish I could hear if he’s talking to me
If I could meet him the big man upstairs
I’d ask him if grandpa still rocks in his chair
I’ve met hell raising angels devils and saints

Addicts on sidewalks who give more than they take
Poison filled pastors who lie through their teeth
But scold me for asking why I should believe
They say in the good book he looks just like me

Is he tattooed and tired who can’t find his peace?
Does he drown out his sorrow with whiskey
4am panic and praying for a change

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