City Girls Actupuhluhgoot Remixuhten Lyrics

City Girls Actupuhluhgoot Remixuhten Lyrics sung by Bippleyipsnipp represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Baltimore Rap Song / “City Girls Actupuhluhgoot Remixuhten” by Bippleyipsnipp.

City Girls Actupuhluhgoot Remixuhten Lyrics

Wongtan suttinbang yootalang fatigglebang tooka tang
Wongtang tang tang toon tang toogaloogen
Fuh e de butta da b^^g b^^g onna dooget
Wippalibit ulla tang tang onna dooget
Hitalabit ulla da b^^g b^^g onna booget

Wippalibit ulla tang tang hut bipper
Hattalabat luh b^^g b^^g onna whipper
A b^^g b^^g tapang talooge toogen
Hang da pang pang tapang toogaloogen

I f^^k it then I pigg a lane onna b^^g
Wippalibit ulla tang tang tang tang
Hitalla lil dickuluh le tem tem tiggle tew
Hoontapang sapoon sayin toogalu uh

Pop a luh toogalou to sank nan
Hickala bickalaboo nank man
Hang on a bangala oot naint nan
Figala pigaloo tank tan
Toogala toogala tang tang hut faint man
She wanna ake up and ein all on my booget
Come on b^^ch lagelatooget
I said I’m outta this booget like d^^n

If you don’t jiggaladang then you don’t jiggalabang on the gang
Before I left I’d to hit you with the sane
If you don’t jiggalang you don’t b^^g
B^^g dooget

Hehehe get nang ya jackalapackepins man erm out ya nat waves on jiggelawigglewig gang erm I yеs no mouse niggalajang yo girl want my jonow my jiggalajangs fallow mafiggafalopean tubes go now jigglelasnoosnacks applecation atelakings jonow jiggalan ya jattlelakangs lemme get up in them gotillen seas am i that A^^ menugh ehh hehehe

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