Chile Chile Chile Ch-I-I-I-Chile Lyrics – Nicki Minaj

Chile Chile Chile Ch-I-I-I-Chile Lyrics sung by Nicki Minaj represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Make It Clap by Nicki Minaj.

Chile Chile Chile Ch-I-I-I-Chile Lyrics

I was sittin’ here wrapping up my album, and I got a call
You know, I got a pink phone
And they said “Big Draco”
I said, “Yo, Big Draco, what up? It’s Big Barbie”
He said, “Big Barbie, I need you to pop out”
I said, “You know, I don’t hop out unless I’m looking like a knockout”
But yo, the Queen ’bout to do interviews ’cause the Queen wrapping up her album
And I got a lot of stories, I wanna tell motherf^^^ers about you motherf^^^ers, ha!
And don’t get scared now
The album coming, yeah, yeah, haha
Big Draco, s^^^ on these niggas

It’s over for you, n^^^^, take a bow, wow
Big Draco hit’ em with the .40, cow
Why n^^^^ tryna take Big Draco style?
Give a n^^^^ inch, now they wanna take a mile
Queen talk fact, where the printer and the file?
B^^^^es is my sons, that’s why I be like, “Chile”
Chile, chile, chile, chile, ch-i-i-i-chile
Big Draco really fly, he know how to keep his balance
We was on a jet, not the Bow Wow challenge
Challenge, challenge, challenge, challenge
We was on a jet, not the Bow Wow challenge

Mhm, haha, haha, woo

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