Can You Be My Wifey Tiktok Lyrics

Presenting you the “Can You Be My Wifey Tiktok Lyrics” TikTok compilation. The lines that are being widely used in Tiktok videos are Will You Be My Wifey? Yes, I’ll Be Your Wifey Say You’ll Be My Wifey.

Can You Be My Wifey Tiktok Lyrics

Hook X Intro)

You Never Try Me
Always Stood Right By Me
Make Living Lively
Highly Spoken Of
My Only Love
The Only One, You’re My Wifey

Make My Life Complete
Sweet, But You Know When To Flip It Street
Freak, But Only When It Comes To Me
See, That’s Why You’re My Wifey (2x)

(Verse 1)

You Know I Knuckle Up Any Night For You
Spend The Night In A Jail Cell For You
Cuz You My Wifey, You My Heart, You My Life
Save The Last Slice A Pie I Could Never Ever Leave You Alone
You Know Whats Wrong, Im Younger Than My Sight
But All My Love I Have For You It Ain’t Light
Everything I Do You Like, Girl We Alike
Every Girl I Use To Do Was Just Aight
And Everytime Im With You I Can’t Help But Get The Butterfly Effect
I Ain’t Gone Lie At First I Loved You Cuz The Sex
But Then We Late Night Texted
Said You Slept Alone And It Didn’t Make Sense To Me
See You Always Upset Watching Movies About Love
Cuz You Never Met A Man Who Had All The Above
Who Knew Love When In Love With Angel From Above
Gave Love To One Who Felt Right
Now Every Night I Make Sure That You Sleep Tight



You Make My Life Complete, Sweet
Cook The Best Kinda Food For Me, Sweet
You So Sweet When We Cuddle In The Sheets
Start With Kisses On The Cheek Then Im Gettin On My Knees
Freak, C-lee!
Thats Me
But You Dont Gotta Scream It Cuz The Neighbors Know Its Me
When We Pullin Out The Drive Way
Drivin Down The Highway
Every Is Friday Cuz Im So In Love With You

Yeh Im So In Love With You
You Know Im So In Love With You

(Verse 2)

I Know Its Real You Dont Ever Gotta Pinch Me
I Just Left And She Text Me That She Miss Me
Her Flower Dress Make Me Smile So Easy
Excuse Misses Im Saving All My Kisses For Every Time Im Missing, You
Its Amazing How It Only Take, Two
She A Leo And Ive Only Met A Few
And You The Best And The Only One That Knew What It Do
You Made Man Outta Fool
When You Met Me I Was Rude No Table Manners
Yah Guy Friends Dont Like Me But It Dont Matter
I Keep It Cool Cuz Im All About You And Plus Yah Mom And Grandmother Think Im Cute
So We Gone Do All The Things You Wanna Do
Travel To Yah Homeland With My Niggas Thats The Crew
Its All Love, Its All Good Cuz You Got Me
A Love Spell And Im Glad Cupid Found Me

Its All Love And Good (X2)


Skinny Designer Fit Real Jiggy
Ain’t Afraid To Hump With Me
When We Get Busy
Ride Out I Licky-licky
’till I Get Dizzy
Toes Done, Fresh Scent
I Think It’s Sizzy
Hoes, None, She Was Da One Down With Me
Used To Struggle
Now We Bubble’ Count The G’s With Me
Pop The Champagne
Let’s Take A Sippy-sippy
Describe You, I Try To
You’re My Wifey

Will You Be My Wifey?
(Yes, I’ll Be Your Wifey)
Say You’ll Be My Wifey
(Yeah, Yeah-yeah, Yeah-yeah-yeah)
Will You Be My Wifey?
(Yes, I’ll Be Your Wifey)
Say You’ll Be My Wifey
(Yeah, Yeah-yeah, Yeah-yeah-yeah)

Can You Be My Wifey Tiktok – Video Song

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