Can the Future Just Wait Lyrics – Kaden MacKay

“Can the Future Just Wait Lyrics” sung by Kaden MacKay represents the English Music Ensemble. This song is originally known as Time Passing Through.

Can the Future Just Wait Lyrics

Can’t the future just wait?
Can’t the deadlines come fashionably late?

I could push every goal back
Take control back
If they roll back the rate
At which time starts to fly

Never landing or standing by
Never taking a break
Ever making me retry
We nickle and dime
Every quarter to two
But maybe it’s time
To let time pass through

If the future is bright
It doesn’t shine with that “End of The Tunnel” Light
More like a deer in the headlights
Sudden red lights
Or “You’re Dead” lights
As the angler fish bite

It’s not fair
The past is clear
But it’s clear back there
What’s ahead? No one knows
But it’s closing in, we swear
Still not in my prime
I have so much to do
But maybe it’s time
To let time pass through

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