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Call Me Crazy Call Me Insane Lyrics sung by Gliffics represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Call Me Crazy by Gliffics.

Call Me Crazy Call Me Insane Lyrics

Some call me crazy maybe i am
but you can call me insane cause the doctor said i am
call me crazy, aint no body better than
call me crazy straight jacket with a mic in hand, call me insane

guess who? no yes man, yea im the best man
fresh like crest man, move like pac man, fast man
i amaze ya, so major, straight flavor
straight swoosh, cash, no back board, see shrinks like psych-wards
yo im out of my box, son im out of my brain
yo im alice n chain, yo i got to get sane
but first i got to get fame, i got fire propane
got powder cocaine, you got no name?
go ahead, lose your head
do what ever you want if your crazy
thinking s^^t is fun you a punk you aint crazy
im more sicko and wacko than jacko you as^^^le
im going to creep when they sleep
neighbors peak as i squeak
when i sneak through the street
chain smoking as long as im flame throwing
stay flowing as long as the game going
mind blowing, glowing
through the dark like indigo, at the party like in we go
its like d ja vu i been here before gliff like waldo where he go
yo! there he go on the stereo
its my pop song you can hop on

gliff got a empire state of mind, i co-sign anything illmind, k^^l time
rise with the rooster im not what your used too
i came, i saw, i conquored, bonkers
willy wonka, boogie monster
having visions of video vixens half na^^d pumpkin picking
listen, im a man on a mission wishing
crime like stock son its never going to fall
with a mind like spock, put me on the spot then it better be the light
anything i want than it better be tonight
the girls, the cash, the cars, the clothes
hit highs, hit lows i flows like dynamite explodes
its like i been frozen, just rose in, chosen im scolding hot
got a plot for the gold pot, cant stop wont stop till i drop dead.
simon said green light go g.i. not your average joe
so im on to the next one and ill be back when the best of the best come
beat to my own drum, and i just begun
itll be over when i say its done

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