Bish Back Lyrics – Olivia O’Brien

Bish Back Lyrics sung by Olivia O’Brien represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is B^^ch Back. This is an unreleased song.

Bish Back Lyrics

Lyrics from snippet:

Cause being single is way more fun
It’s all good
I got my bish back
Back on the bullsh^t I know you miss that
Cause he sucks and now we can admit that
I got my bish back, my bish back
You’re good
Now throw that sh^t back

Cause there’s a million other guys who wanna hit that
But we’ll ditch them late nights to get a Big Mac
I got my bish back
I got my bish back, yeah yeah
She’s so bad, yeah yeah
I got my bish back, yeah yeah
Oh no no uhh

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