Baraye Lyrics – Shervin Hajipour

Baraye Lyrics sung by Shervin Hajipour represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Template by Shervin Hajipour.

Baraye Lyrics

For the freedom of dancing in the streets
For the moment of fear for kissing
For my sister, your sister, our sisters
For changing the corroded brains
For the embarrassment due to empty pockets
For the yearning for a normal life
For the dreams of the dumpster diving kids
For this autocratic economy
For this polluted air
For Vali-‘asr and its withered trees
For Piruz and his imminent extinction
For the forbidden innocent dogs
For the non-stop cryings
For the dream of reminiscing this moment in history
For a laughing face
For the students, For the future
For this mandatory paradise
For the imprisoned intellects
For the Afghan children
For all these unrepeated wherefores
For all these empty promises
For the weight of the wreckage of chaffy houses
For the sensation of unwinding
For the sun after a long night
For the psychotic meds and insomnia
For men, fatherland, prosperity
For the sake of the girls wishing they were born a boy
For women, life, freedom
For freedom
For freedom
For freedom

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