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Bad Liar Song Lyrics Meaning sung by Imagine Dragons represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Bad Liar by Imagine Dragons.

Bad Liar Song Lyrics Meaning

When you take the lyrics of the pre-chorus leading into the chorus, you could tell that the singer has a desire to make his partner “believe” that the issues plaguing the relationship would ultimately be rectified. However in the chorus he once again adopts a disposition of hopelessness as he acknowledges that he is a “bad liar”. In other words the lyricist himself doesn’t even believe that the issues in the relationship can be solved.

The second chorus is identical to the first. However the placement of it in the song is what perhaps makes its implied meaning more significant. The chorus ends with the singer stating to his partner “now you’re free to go.” However unlike the first chorus, this time that statement is followed by the lines of the outro which go “please believe me, please believe me”.

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