And My Bro Took Off Your Mans Lyrics

And My Bro Took Off Your Mans Lyrics sung by Artist represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Freestyle 2 by Lyrical.

And My Bro Took Off Your Mans Lyrics

(Wake up, F1lthy)

I put that ho in Prada, and after, I made her holler
And my bro took off your mans, I heard that was your top shotter
I got Vetements on my pants and my shirt Balenciaga
Huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh
My swag came a long way, I was rocking nada
I don’t give a f^^k ’bout what a ho say, these hoes not my problem
Sent a hundred shots out that Rolls, ayy, them 7.62s got him
Huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh
Them 7.62s hit his body, made him Harlem Shake
I get to that bag, to that cake, you procrastinate
Now she wanna f^^k with me now, but she pulled up too late
When I send my boy a opp to drop, he be so fascinated
F^^k the D.A., they ain’t got no evidencе, they closed they casе
If a n^^ga thinkin’ this s^^t sweet, he get shot in his face
I got Glock 19s, ARPs, I got hella K’s
I been serving codeine to these fiends, yeah, they sippin’ drank
5K a pt, what you mean? B^^ch, that’s no debate
I been countin’ blues, countin’ green like it’s Earth Day
And the n^^ga think he me, but he not me on my worst day
I just spent your rent on my motherf^^kin’ shirt
These n^^gas think we playin’, hell nah, this ain’t Nerf
Pull up to a n^^ga land, pull up to his turf
Pull up with that MAC-10, pull up, go berserk
I been off that X again, I feel it in my nerves
Now she wanna f^^k with Ken, that lil’ b^^ch get curved
My lil’ b^^ch, she not a ten, she a hundred and thirty
And I withdraw all the money that was at the bank, b^^ch, that’s word
I got Wockhardt in my system, that’s why my words slurred
They was so surprised when they killed him, but that boy was chirpin’ like a bird
N^^ga, I’m the s^^t like a turd, but my s^^t smell like cologne
I f^^k her face, yeah, I f^^k her makeup up, then I send that b^^ch home
You don’t wanna race, yeah, this an SRT with a Redeye package on it
You don’t want no smoke, b^^ch, FN Five-seveN shoot a n^^ga in his dome
Hit that boy in his chest, hit his heart, now it’s chrome
Huh, I told that p^^sy n^^ga, “Yeah, leave me alone”
Huh, huh, shouldn’t have f^^ked with a member, huh, you shouldn’t have f^^ked with the gang
Huh, you shouldn’t have f^^ked with the X-M-A-N, yeah, X-Man
And all my n^^gas masked up, yeah, yeah, yeah, just like Bane
And all my n^^gas in control of this s^^t, yeah, like a game


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