405 Freeway Lyrics

405 Freeway Lyrics sung by Defari the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is 405 Friday’s by Defari.

405 Freeway Lyrics

Aiyyo I think it’s time I let ’em know how I gets down
(What’s that?) How we do what we do
From where we from.. (what y’all do?)

I hit the freeway on a Friday, the highway
Feelin real good like when the Lakers traded Vlade
Could that be Sade’ in the next lane?
I see her through my windowpane, I wonder if she knows that cat Dwayne
Johnson, nah probably not
I’m headed up Fairfax North to ‘Riq’s spot
I, flex the quest for barbecues brews and fifths (what?)
Trees lift niggas while other niggas talk s^^^
It’s time to mount up, tonight another show
Gotta let the whole world know how it go strictly professionals
We’re never amateur, pure like lightning
Whether on stage, or holdin the page writin
Or freestylin, on radio frequencies
Los Ange-les, city of scanda-lies, cash and (??)

[Hook: Defari]
‘Voisiers, Marniers, 4-0-5 Friday’s
Paydays, sunset glazed, down Diamond Lane
‘Voisiers, Marniers, 4-0-5 Friday’s
Paydays, sunset glazed, down Diamond Lane

Aiyyo I’m nice with the ball like Paul Pierce
Them brothers, that play for the wood, they somethin fierce
Ahh, to each his own so I choose to maintain
Ready to rock, blow the spot, make it boil like crockpots
I, shot lyrics from a mini-mac cordless
Broads hear the name, see the frame, and they adore this
Hundred and ninety, n^^^^ known to get lively
Plus put in work “Between the Sheets” like Ron Isley
At the bar, Herut the Cognac star
Ice Courvoisier, brothers crowd around like seminars
I’m smooth and ready like Telly Savales
Likwit Crew, nuff respect to y’all niggas, we swiggy ballers


I wanna fly the world, like (??)
Flies, to Is-rael, and like Ishmael Valdez
I pitch heat, lyrically
Over rugged beats under the ground, from the mainstream
See where I dwells, it’s all about skills
This MC walk the walk when he talk, plus get on the wheels
And freak new release with 1200 Technics
Every week, got a hall of fame game, like Dominique
Wilkins, yo Evidence we sound killin
Many rippertons word to etchin lab on my building
Yo X, yo youse a raw deal n^^^^
Barbershop flex, time to collect figures
Yo (.. Likwit Crew ..) me and you
We like the treble and bass, straight cousins, here to shake the state
Almighty (?), whom of Allah blesses me upon
We straight keep keep keep it on

[Hook] – 2X

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