2021 Kanye West Diss Lyrics Drake

2021 Kanye West Diss Lyrics Drake sung by Drake represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Diss by Drake & Kanye West.

2021 Kanye West Diss Lyrics Drake

[Intro: Kanye West & Drake]
Drake, the f^^kin’– number one bas^ard who can rap anyone into a f^^kin’ trash can that lives 4 blocks down the street from my wife, and, like
He basically f^^^s all of her friends
–f^^ks all of her friends (Yeah)

Yeah, ayy

[Verse: Drake]
It was meant to happen
The most trusted going triple platinum
Lunk wit’ Matt, Link wit’ [?]
If I’m [?]
Link wit’ [?], Link wit’ [?]
When I’m down in–

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