2020 Tiktok Gabbie Hanna Lyrics

2020 Tiktok Gabbie Hanna Lyrics sung by Gabbie Hanna represents the TikTok Music Ensemble. The name of the song is 2020 (Tiktok Song) by Gabbie Hanna.

2020 Tiktok Gabbie Hanna Lyrics

2020, it’s been one hell of a year
There’s too many tragedies to list here
But I guess I’ll try

Between losing Kobe, killer bees
And fighting racist in the street [Ooh
The world is riddled with disease
And f^^king human trafficking [Ooh
The president can’t stop fighting
Literally everybody

Genocide in Armenia
Lots of lies in the media
Fires in California
And even more in Australia
A broken royal family
F^^k you, Harvey Weinstein
Explosion in Lebanon
And all the toilet paper is gone

Let’s hope 2021 [Ooh
2021, will be better

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