2012 I Had a 22 It Went Pop Pop Lyrics

2012 I Had a 22 It Went Pop Pop Lyrics sung by 30 Deep Grimeyy represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Sleazy Flow Freestyle by 30 Deep Grimeyy.

2012 I Had a 22 It Went Pop Pop Lyrics

F^^k that s^^t yall did back in the day cuz b^^ch we wild now (30)
We ain’t have no guns ain’t have no funds but we outside now
She on her period ain’t gon even cap i layed the towel down
Caught them p^^sies slippin on my block and they got pow pow
N^^gas got to clappin up the park and bro ain’t make it
That’s when i turned my savage up on gang i ain’t gon fake it
2012 i had a 22 that b^^ch went pew pew
Now i got a drac i spot a opp and it go boom boom
B^^ch im Jerry Springer to this s^^t they no they dead wrong
DP lost a finger to this s^^t and now his head on
I rather ask my brother before i ask a b^^ch for anythang
KJ off the lean she off the percs im on that henny thang
Another opp died i just cashed out on some champagne
4530 block first ave that’s my campaign
30 what you doin with that big thang
You know what im doin baby im finna slide just like Bruce Wayne
Gotta be the street and keep it brief you know my phone tapped
Lookin for that bag i was like dora i had the wrong map
Say he got my lo b^^ch im in Florida you got the wrong app
Siri must be cappin to yo a^^ take yo phone back
We the ones who made a name for gang and put the city on
Rollin up K Money finna slide and put my 50 on
They say my brother popped through from the ahh he caught a murder case
His b^^ch a rapper we gon catch up with him get his a^^ erased

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