12 51 Lyrics – The Strokes

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12 51 Lyrics sung by The Strokes represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is 12:51 by Julian Casablancas.

12 51 Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Talk to me now I’m older
Your friend told you ’cause I told her
Friday nights have been lonely
Change your plans and then phone me

[Verse 2]
We could go and get forties
F^^k going to that party
Oh really, your folks are away now?
Alright, let’s go, you convinced me

12:51 is the time my voice
Found the words I sought
Is it this stage I want?
The world is shutting out for us
Oh, we were tense for sure
But we was confident

[Verse 3]
Kiss me now that I’m older
I won’t try to control you
Friday nights have been lonely
Take it slow but don’t warn me

We’d go out and get forties
Then we’d go to some party
Oh, really, your folks are away now?
Alright, I’m coming, I’ll be right there

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