​​​​​Shot At The Crown Lyrics Ben Bailey Smith – Cinderella

“​​​​​Shot At The Crown Lyrics Ben Bailey Smith” sung by Ben Bailey Smith from the album Cinderella represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Perfect Reprise by Ben Bailey Smith.

​​​​​Shot At The Crown Lyrics Ben Bailey Smith

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Gather round, heed my call
In two weeks there’ll be a ball
And not just any ball, it’s like a change of life
It’s time the prince finally find his wife
Let’s cry, single ladies you should be getting excited
Because every single one to the ball is invited
So tip off, do your hair, buy a fancy new dress
Paint your nails, you got a prince to impress
Yes, it’s gonna be magic, yo
So don’t be tragic, yo
Call yourself underqualified, nah
Throw on a gown, y’all
For a shot at the crown, y’all
And prepare to get down, y’all
As Prince Robert chooses his bride

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