You Got My Love Lyrics – Alyssa & Ay Huncho

You Got My Love Lyrics sung by Alyssa & Ay Huncho represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is You Got My Love by Alyssa & Ay Huncho.

You Got My Love Lyrics

Romance got me in a tr one night
Just one night baby be my
Man yeah I’m holding up cuz I really
Want to be your girl and holding up I
Really want to see the world is for your
You got be on spell
Yeah you got me on a spell yeah you got
My love ain nobody going to take that
From you you got my heart and I know
Keeps running for you I know always be
True cuz you know I love you baby even
Though you driv me crazy cuz you know I
Want baby you got my love ain’t nobody
Going to take that from you you got my
Heart and know keep running for you I
Know always be true cuz you know I love
You baby even though you driving crazy
Cuz you know I want

Baby you got
My you got
Me I’m used to sticks and gas but I love
Some sex let’s have fun when we hop in
Jets baby I’m talk so speak to my ex but
I want some new come be my guest rap and
Lambos with the best cli by my so got a
Feeless she know what with the life that
I live gave her a bag with a stack full
Of chips when we go home she got s my
Kids and she loves her bad boy h smith
Married the money come be my I can
Take you on trips hope you not scar of
Heights first class used to this life
Still on my cut a piece of the sl say
When I I’m giving a life for free
On my brothers that’s do she can’t

Believe it never see money get spent so
Easy never see ops or de on tv different
Nights of different season my rap
Money we spend in the trap what country
In let me open my map she with the
60 she know we a cap we’re keeping a
Private that open your snap he you got
My ain’t nobody going to take that from
Me you got my even though I drive you
Crazy I grew up as a project baby I know
You tripping I’m driving you crazy ra
Have you drip down a complaining even
Though love of me could be
Dangerous you got
My and you get it don’t act so confused
She we do it just keeping with you

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