Yonko Music (Kaido) Lyrics – Daddyphatsnaps feat 954mari & Ty Wild

Yonko Music (Kaido) Lyrics sung by Daddyphatsnaps feat 954mari & Ty Wild from the album Anime Raps Daddyphatsnaps represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Yonko Music (Kaido) by Daddyphatsnaps.

Yonko Music (Kaido) Lyrics

[Intro – PE$O PETE (Spoken)]
Foolish boy!
You think you know what it means to be king of the pirates?!

[Verse 1 – Ty Wild]
You ain’t landing a hit on my set
You hitting the deck
That s^^t is ironic, b^^ch
Big club wit’ a spike
Like they spiked at a club
They ain’t expect it when we got ’em lit
Feel like Nico Robin, see ya block and bleed
Looking like I was reading road poneglyphs
I slide with a stick like it’s hockey
So how in the f^^k you gon’ think I don’t conquer s^^t?
Been dropping hints like I’m Oda
Poker-faced gang, trying for chips, you get folded
With the way my ex is always on my body
Prolly thought they all was incisions from Oden
I been with the s^^ts
Try me again, lil’ b^^ch, I’ll put green on your head like you Zoro
Muf^^kas wanna know if I’m bout it
One K hit but they story finished
Can’t ignore the vison
Observation haki how that .40 hit ’em
They be stretching the truth, they contort and twist it
Team full of beasts, finna force ya limits
Even on my team, you’ll be [?]
See you talking weak, I’m to bored to listen
We in different leagues, I’m top 4, you isn’t
Think you a demon, peep Moria’s clique and
What’s more impressive is
Y’all still kicking b^^ch, but I ain’t even fazed though
Up the scale if s^^t get fishy kid, so pray I don’t up the draco
I ain’t tyna be no king of this, it’s really just a game dawg
Half a^^ it while I’m killing s^^t, y’all struggle to even graze me
F^^k you saying, though, b^^ch?

[Intermission – PE$O PETE]
Beast Pirates, move!

[Verse 2 – 954mari]
Handle gripping, like I’m tipping a teapot
Steam a opp, he get cracked with a kettle
Immortal Technique how I’m never dying
When we f^^king fighting, that’s a Dance with the Devil
Haki ripping like a jockey
It kick when it hit like I’m really Van Damme with the metal
I’m a “major” threat in “general”
That’s why I sit back and laugh at an “admiral” level
Tyrant King, thunder strike, clash him then the sky will split
Seeing red flashes like po lights when the sirens hit
Pole light him like tiki torch, Beats Pirates a violent clique
Totem pole that you posers climb, I’m at the top smiling lit
Yonko, I’m Top 4 like Nas
Biggy then Em and then Pac
Eminent threat when I pop
Beast in my regiment squad
Club to his head, I’m lumping sum like a pension or stock
Press with the red on his head like Reps. on a segment of FOX
I’m undefeated, strongest d^^n living creature
Swing the bat and bash b^^tards, then I’m dashing like Jeter
You at my feet, you never measure up, I’m snapping the meter
I’m spitting with a killer grimace, so they scared of my features, b^^ch

[Intermission – PE$O PETE]
You could never beat Joy Boy (Never!)

[Verse 3 – Daddyphatsnaps]
I kill ’em all, motherf^^kers think you scheming
Tried to wrestle me to Hell, forgot you tussling with a demon
Got that Jinchuriki in my soul, b^^ch “Believe it!”
They been pitching, you are making it home, Yea home to Jesus
All these motherf^^kers bumping they gums
I let these chickens rat a tat until there’s nothing but drums
It’s not effective
You keep missing, doesn’t matter, your guns are mag extended
Shoulda listened ’cause there’s nothing but bums in that collective
I’m the strongest of the creatures, been on ya momma’s mouth
And I ain’t even doing features, now I’m sprawled up in yo house
Charlie Murphy in these beaches, b^^ch I’m kicking on your couch
Drinking straight up out the carton, I won’t leave you all an ounce
A dragon, basically I’m spitting petrol
I’mma light yo a^^ up, so each degree feel incremental
Ignore the first degree, but by the third degree, you’ve heard of me
I thought these were your killers, not a one of them could murder me
No weaknesses
You think of sleeping on me, wouldn’t dream of it
You hate inside but plead the Fifth
COuld flex but there’s no need for it
The resting pecs, they gleaming b^^ch
They tweaking to this BPM
They call this flow “The Leaky Pen”
A Yonko and you already know I keep this speaker fed
The bass alone could beat to death
My skills are off the spectrum, all that talk like you connected b^^ch
I’ll run up in your set and snip, I’m cutting off your Ethernet
You dial it up, won’t keep your head
I’m hotter than a sauna when I saunter up in Wano
But I’m cold enough to see my breath
I’ve never been regular, I was meant to be Emperor
And I beat so many people that my brawls are et cetera
I’ve been deading the trenches, then I jet to the nebulas
Better bet that every step I go, there’s bread on my head
And I got you b^^ches on red alert
Either bend or you getting hurt
Say some s^^t that I don’t like, I’m deading you and the messenger
There’s two people in this world, the sedatives and the peddlers
And I’m neither one of them, I tell them b^^ches to get to work
I move different

[Outro – PE$O PETE]
This that billion dollar berry music

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