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Where Do You Sleep? Lyrics sung by The Kid Laroi from the album The First Time represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Where Do You Sleep? by The Kid Laroi.

Where Do You Sleep? Lyrics

[Part I]

Out of respect, I’ll keep you nameless
But everybody knows this ’bout you, I can’t fake it
Heard you got a new man, if I see him, we fadin’
It’s a shame that it went down the way it did, that’s how the game is
Uh, you couldn’t keep up to speed, I couldn’t wait here
I wanna stay in and chill, you wanna get faded
I know the real you and not the one that you painted
You always said you lived in my shadow and you hate it
You hate the attention that I get, hate that I’m famous
Uh, you don’t believe in God, you hate when I’m prayin’
You hate when I give you opinions on the decisions that you’re makin’
You want someone agreein’ with everything you’re sayin’
We said forever, forever came quickly
8PM hit, so you went home, do you miss me?
Or are you at Poppy, poppin’ off with your friends?
I loved you so much that it turned to resentment

Where are you at? Where are you sleepin’?
Pickin’ up the pieces, I’m just tryna get peace with it
Where are you at? Who do you sleep with?
Leavin’ on a trip, are you tryna spend a week with him?

[Part II]

Leavin’ on a trip, are you tryna spend a week with him?

Trust me, I’m not tryna make it sound like I was perfect
I know there were things that I f^^ked up on, I was workin’
On it, but the way you left, I don’t think I deserved it
I hoped you were who I thought you were, and it wasn’t on purpose
I hope that you know I loved you more, now I’m hurtin’
Fightin’ on the phone with each other, screamin’ curses (Curses)
Can we talk about it in person?
I thought it gets better with time, this only worsened (Leavin’ on a trip, are you tryna spend a week with him?)

I gotta let you go
I act like I understand, but I don’t wanna know
And I act like I don’t care, you know that isn’t so
I act this s^^t is fair, I don’t wanna know

Who you with? Where you sleepin’ at? No, I don’t wanna know
Who you with? Where you sleepin’ at? No, I don’t wanna know
Who you with? Where you sleepin’ at? No, I don’t wanna know

[Part III]

Ayy, forcin’ myself to move on
I don’t feel like myself since you been gone
It’s been one month since you been M.I.A.​​
I changed the keys to the crib and my safe
I would’ve did s^^t I would never do, but if you asked for it
For whatever that you need, I was goin’ out sad for it
I never should’ve did none of that s^^t, I had a bad feelin’
If he don’t do it right, just let me know and I’ll be back, uh
Back, huh, yeah, I’ll be back
Yeah, the last text that you sent to me had me stuck, uh
It’s been one month, still don’t know how to respond, ayy
Used to dream while you walkin’ down the aisle, daddy on your arm, uh
And despite everything, I still kinda think that you’re the one, uh
Or maybe that’s just right now ’cause I’m alone and I’m drunk (I’m drunk)
When I got that call about ya, my heart sunk
Now whenever they talk about ya, I’m like, “What?”

No, babe, can’t stop me now
From getting to you, babe

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