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What Happened To Maggie? (Prelude) Lyrics sung by Emlyn represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is What Happened To Maggie? (Prelude) by Emlyn.

What Happened To Maggie? (Prelude) Lyrics

Hey! I wanna get something straight
If nobody told you today
“You don’t have to tough [?] and fake it”
No, Rome wasn’t build in a day
So, all of the words you’d replay
And love that you wish he’d proclaim
And letters you write for your friend to deliver
Will make you just laugh someday

You’ll wake up, yeah, welcome to real life
‘Cause sometimes, existing, it feels like
You’re the only one and the room, and
Turns out that’s just being a woman

Walk down the yellow brick road
Sing ’till the shower gets cold
You’ll learn from the pain and learn to let go so
When they asked me “​What happened to Maggie?”
I’ll tell them the truth when each chapter ends
The new one still holds on to you

Hey! I wanna get something straight
If somebody told you is lame to feel all your feelings
I hope that you’ll heal in, I say
“I don’t consider myself to be broken, took all the trauma, it cracked me wide open ’cause after all villains are made from the deepest emotions”

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anything u can do, i’ll be badder 💅🏼#greenscreenvideo

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