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Voices Lyrics sung by Bic Fizzle represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Voices by Bic Fizzle.

Voices Lyrics

Dark-a^^ room, you know it’s a yelling
F^^kin’ with my brain
Yeah, it’s close, you heard?
Ah, I can’t shake this s^^t
Happy than a MF
Force ’em

I heard voices, it said, “I don’t know how we found you”
How you hearin’? You was selling nickle bags back in school
Is it true that you pray dude ain’t pass? I see you
Was it you? Did you call the shots?
Is all them rumors true?
Dark-a^^ room, I ain’t get no sleep
Strugglin’, hustlin’, roaming the streets
I make a way for my family to eat, so I would be weak if I leave on a T
Come with drugs, I got dirty P
Fallin’ in love ain’t working for me
VLONE shrugs, I’m feeding ’em meat
Putting d^^k in her guts, staying at the Airbnb
Washing these blood stains out with bleach (Bleach)
RPG rines on the side of my feet (Feet)
Be in these Forces just telling me
Saying, “I don’t know why we gotta read” (Why we gotta read)
Reapin’ and purgin’, keep it a secret
Wish I could tell you what I done seen
Bae don’t know why I’m in these streets
F^^k all these voices, keep f^^king with me, d^^n

Wish I can tell you
I don’t know why I’m here
Wish I can tell you

Ayy, why they be playing like Fizzle won’t kill with his brothers on sight, but he strapped in the middle
Them dogs, the way I should’ve been in the kennel
Ol’ roughish young n^^ga worth like eight figures
You send ’em myself, then just get ’em delivered
These n^^ga bump fake and they talking to pillow
I ain’t doing no fakin’, I don’t be rolling with killers
You flexing, I’ll take the flash out ‘fore that skrilla
Wanna car chase? We layin’ on n^^gas
Tom Wayne, I ain’t playing with n^^gas
Hop out that b^^ch and freeband a n^^ga
These handguns fast, we fanning n^^gas
Trick ’em like pick up that can and hit ’em
See yo’ location, that s^^t was fancy, it killed him
D^^n, these voices scaring a n^^ga
Like a b^^ch out the West, he don’t got no filter

I don’t know (I don’t know) what you want (What you want) or why you here (Or why you here)
But can you go? (Can you go?)
I want P’s (I want P’s), leave me ‘lone
I cook beef (I cook beef) on the stove
Tell ’em, “Go”, they call my phone (My phone)
Don’t ask me ’bout it ’cause I don’t know
Wish I can tell you

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