Upside Down Lyrics – Rnla Feat. Julia Alexa

Upside Down Lyrics” sung by Rnla Feat. Julia Alexa represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Upside Down by Rnla Feat. Julia Alexa.

Upside Down Lyrics

All I do is make things worse
Keep going even when it hurts
Don’t wanna put it into words
But life feels like a course

Wish I could help you see
That nothing’s like it seems
Once I fall asleep
I’m not gonna leave my dreams

Nothing ever works out
It feels like life is twisted
Turning things around
Feeling upside down
What were we fighting bout
My mind is getting twisted
Turning things around
Feeling upside down

Everything I do feels wrong
Can’t focus for that long
Tired of staying strong
And always playing along

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