Unholy Lyrics – Sam Smith & Kim Petras

Unholy Lyrics sung by Sam Smith & Kim Petras represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Unholy by Sam Smith & Kim Petras.

Unholy Lyrics

[Pre-Chorus: Sam Smith]
I hear them whisperin’ ’bout the places that you’ve been
And how you don’t know how to keep your business clean

[Chorus: Sam Smith]
Mummy don’t know daddy’s getting hot at the body shop
Doing something unholy
He’s sat back while she’s dropping it, she be popping it, yeah
She put it down slowly…
Mummy don’t know daddy’s getting hot at the body shop, doing something unholy (Woo)

[Verse: Kim Petras]
Mmm, daddy, daddy if you want it, drop the addy
Give me love, give me Fendi
My Balenciaga daddy
You gon’ need to bag it up, ’cause I’m spending on Rodeo (Woo)
You can watch me pack it up, I’ll be gone in the A.M
And he, he give me Prada, give me Mui Mui like Rihanna

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