Uke And Pipes Lyrics – Daniel Thrasher

Uke And Pipes Lyrics sung by Daniel Thrasher represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Uke And Pipes by Daniel Thrasher.

Uke And Pipes Lyrics

Ukulele (ukulele)
And the bagpipes (and the bagpipes)
Are two instruments (are two instruments)
That I really like (that I really like)

And if you disagree (and if you disagree)
Then we’ll have to fight (then we’ll have to fight)
I’ll be Superman (I’ll be Superman)
You’ll be kryptonite (you’ll be kryptonite)

Bagpipe solo!

Ukulele (ukulele)
And the bagpipes (and the bagpipes)
Are the best of friends (are the best of friends)
So sleep well tonight (so sleep well tonight)

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