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Throw Away Bars Lyrics sung by Skux represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Throw Away Bars by Skux.

Throw Away Bars Lyrics

Trapstar We Shooting, 2 2’s Moving
Run And Hide, As My Crew Comes Through B^^ch

Ay KBS Motherf^^ker, You Know How We Do

Trapstar We Shooting, 2 2’s Moving
Run And Hide, As My Crew Comes Through B^^ch (Haha)
Posted Up With The Killers, Yeah The OGs
Cut Ya’ Throat, Watch Ya’ Blood Run Slowly (Eughh)
B^^ches Wanna’ F^^k With Me, Cos’ I’m Dripped Out
But Hated On Me When I Was Posted Up In G Town (Uhuh)
Selling Buds, Yeah Flipping On The Daily
Ride My Bike And Tagging On The Train Seats (?)
Had Enough And Had To Get My Money Up
C^^t Was Chatting Hard, Till’ He Had To Run It Up
Smack Him In The Face, Take The Drugs And The Funds
Teach A Fat C^^t Not To F^^k With The Thugs (Uhuh)

I’m A KBS Member Don’t Forget That
But Just In Case, Imma’ Write It In My Next Track
Louis V On My Chest, With A Blick Tucked
F^^k Around And We Sending You Like Tooka (Grrr, Pow)
She Wanna’ Netflix And Chill, I Jus’ Wanna’ F^^k Then Dip
I’m A Gansta’, My Girl Can’t Be Doin’ That S^^t (Uh, Uh)
Needa’ Stay In The Fields, With The Thugs And Clips
Shotty Out The Whip, When It Bust It Hits
These C^^ts, They Try And Be Me
But They Can’t So They Sit Back, Grind The T (Ha)
Like C^^t, You Can Try And Be Me
But You Needa’ Kick Back, Flip Packs, Grind In The T (Ha, For Real)
Double Drop, Then I’m Back To The Urch
10 Lads, 2 Whips And A Blick That Bursts (Uhuh)
See A Opp, Then We Joogin’ Him First
Got Ya’ B^^ch In The Back And She’s Doing The Curse

Hands On Hips, And She Shakin’ Her T^^s
Shake That A^^, Throw It Back, You Ready’ What It Is
Shook Her T^^s So Hard, That She Broke A Rib
Once The Ambulance Quick, Here Just Pop A Brick (S^^t Take It)
Got A Little Bit Of Clout Off 6WayZ
Heh, Good, I Started Trappin’ In A Sick Place
Buds And Rock, What We Sell For An Income
Tiny Circle, No Need For Them S^^t C^^ts (F^^k)
All My Old Haters Thinkin’ I’m A Sick C^^t
Life’s Short So You Gotta’ Take The Risk Bruz (Do It)
Never Lack, So You Know We Keep The Blick Tucked
No Asking Questions, No I’ll Never Switch Up (Who’s That?)
Sick Shots And We Aim For Head
Kick The Door, Run It Up Then We Spinnin’ The Benz (Skrrr)
Get A Drop, Then We Spinnin’ The Ends
We’re KBS, F^^k Them Leg Shots, We Leavin’ ‘Em Dead

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