The Gleaming Lyrics – Elsie Bay

The Gleaming Lyrics sung by Elsie Bay represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is The Gleaming by Elsie Bay.

The Gleaming Lyrics

[Verse 1]
To where I was going
Forever lost
But I’m not losing
Where could you be?
Time’s got me wasting away
So why’d you say, “Wait for me ’til I get back”?

The past is the past
The future is the future
So nothing ever lasts
And all the skies are black
It’s like some kind of curse
So help me see a meaning in this life in reverse

We rush to the gleaming
We’re only dreaming
The rain is rising from the ground
And deep below
The air is humming
The storm is coming
The crowd amasses but it has nowhere to go

Sleep, asleep, then awake
Start again
We all return in the end

[Verse 2]
The years fold back on each other
Forever gone
But I’m not going
I’m still with you
Just like a spirit, a ghost
That’s how you’ll know that I’ve arisen back

One era to the next
From one lie to another
A love left unexpressed
That’s how they keep us trapped
Inside their universe
So help me find the key to this life in reverse

Now rush to the gleaming
It’s only dreaming
The ashes scatter in the sky
So far from home
The clouds are drumming
The thunder’s coming
The memories are left without a place to go

Sleep and awake
And return to the end
Are we all alone once again?

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