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Talkin to the Streets Lyrics sung by Gucci Mane feat. Mac Critter represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Talkin to the Streets by Gucci Mane.

Talkin to the Streets Lyrics

Mike Willy
It’s Gucci

[Verse 1: Gucci Mane]
I get so much cash in Vegas, I feel like I’m Elvis (Wow)
I just bought a new Ferrari, it came with a helmet (Go)
Drip my b^^ch in Ferragamo, you can’t even spell it (D^^n)
I come repo the dope from you if you couldn’t sell it (Go)
Well-connected and respected, how you didn’t expect it? (How?)
Zay pulled up trunk in the front, new Hummer, it’s electric (Ziggy)
These n^^gas goin’ PC, but Big Wop don’t need protection (No)
They keep talkin’ ’bout the old Wop, well, here, this the resurrection (Yeah)
The old one known for sippin’ lean and freestylin’ congested (Leanin’)
Tried to put that pistol on my buddy, it got me arrested (Whew-whew)
These rappers gettin’ extorted and it’s really gettin’ depressing (Sad)
We know you’ll take the witness stand, we all read your confession (D^^n)
I do it so big, I spent two million on a wedding (Two milli’)
I don’t f^^k with panhandling-a^^ b^^ches that be beggin’ (W^^res)
I hate goin’ to court, I see the judge and get to sweatin’ (Hot, hot)
He tried to get away, he couldn’t escape, Drac’ broke his pelvis

[Verse 2: Mac Critter]
Ain’t s^^t nobody can tell me (Nah)
“Critter, why you gettin’ selfish?” (F^^k ’em)
I’m up now, ho, you helpless
Dripping in Giorgio Armani, you smell me (Smell me)
I do a walkthrough, switch in my trench (Switchy)
I ain’t wasting my breath, ho ain’t worth a cent (Cent)
And this s^^t personal, make sure we hit
Spin his block back-to-back, workin’ the switch (Boom, boom)
He open his mouth to only hide stick (P^^sy)
These n^^gas rat, lil’ police b^^ch (Snitches)
I’m in the Scat, bend the curb in this b^^ch (Go)
Supposed to chase the racks, but he chasin’ a b^^ch (B^^ch)
My cousin in the Raq, he deliver the s^^t (Yeah)
Ho, my main focus is money (Money)
Ayy, I want these millions to come in abundance (Abundance)
I run to the money, I’m Mac Critter Sonic (Sonic)
Good p^^sy, get in her stomach (Stomach, p^^sy)
It’s hard for n^^gas to keep it a hundred (Hundred)
It’ll hurt a n^^ga head to keep it a hundred (Keep it a hundred)
Your family’ll cross you for money (Money), n^^gas’ll cross you for nothing (Nothin’)
When a ho cross you, she gon’ want something (For real)
I gotta thank God, wasn’t none of this promised (Promised)
I gotta thank God I made it out the dungeon (Dungeon)
I’m the 556 God, I’m the one who spark (Brrt)
My ho pretty and dark, the other one caramel (Caramel)
And the red Dominican, she love the Hennessy (Hennessy)
I love her energy, money boost my energy (Energy)
Killing my enemies and loving my frenemies (Brrt)
Enemies kin to me, they wanna finish me (Finish me)
12 can’t surrender me, ho, you can’t handle me (Handle me)
I got rose gold trophy, streets keep my focused
The beef ain’t over, that’s what they was hopin’ (Brrt, boom, boom)
Two-hundred-fifty in jewelry, I’m posted (Posted)
Fake-a^^ diamonds you got on bogus (Bogus)
Ayy, look at my pockets, them motherf^^kers loaded (Loaded)
We spin they block ’til somebody dead posted (Brrt, boom, boom, brrt)
North Memphis havin’ motion (Motion)
1017 mafia, boy, get your choppers up (Brrt)
F^^k the feds, they ain’t stoppin’ us
They tryna box me up, won’t let ’em lock me up
I got my wealth up, ho want me to help her (No)
Any ho f^^k the city, can’t accept her (Nah)
I put on Prada, put my ho in Prada (Burr)
Prada my glasses, but they look like goggles (Goggles)
Girl, you in college and you a show-stopper (Show-stopper)
She go to school for nursing, but think she a model (A model)
Pull out these blue hundreds, pop it, I pop it
I’m the king of North Memphis, p^^sy, just stop it (Stop it)

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