Talk 2 Us Lyrics – Yeat

Talk 2 Us Lyrics sung by Yeat from the album LYFË represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Talk 2 Us by Yeat.

Talk 2 Us Lyrics

Huh, riding in that big lil’ a^^ Tonka truck
Riding ’round with these bust-down watches on me, I got my blicky tucked (Hey, hey, hey)
Heading number one up on these charts, b^^ch, yeah, it’s stuck as what?
A-a-all we do is just go number one (Hey, hey, hey)
Huh, and I just brought us some Ms, lil’ b^^ch, it’s the first of the month
Riding ’round, I’m in the Cayenne, lil’ b^^ch, I’ma tear up the city, I’m afraid of the sun (Hey, hey, hey)
I went and painted the Benz, I switched s^^t up, I wanted it done by the dawn
All of my fans is my family, my cult, my brother (Hеy, hey, hey), my slime, my twizzy, my mutton
I don’t givе a f^^k what you saying, I don’t listen to it, I don’t wanna hear what you on…

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