Stormcrow Lyrics – Necrophobic

Stormcrow Lyrics sung by Necrophobic from the album In the Twilight Grey represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Stormcrow by Necrophobic.

Stormcrow Lyrics

Washed ashore by the tide
A lone wolf bold and wise
Through the haze of the fall
Hunger in his eyes
Wounded beast numb by fear
Let the hatred win
From the skies a promise bleak
Carried by the wind

In the deep, in the dark
Wisdom clear and pure
From the skies, from the fire
The wings he adores
Beast and bird now as one
Omniscient eye above
Strike with wrath, strike with fear
Strike with winged claws

Where did you go?
Swallowed like the one
What did you see?
Brighter than the sun

Through the wind dream of fire
On your wings reaching higher
Let your words fuel the fire
On your wings no one higher

And so they grow, so they rise
The hateful and the wise
Day by day, night by night
With fire in their eyes
And when the beasts’ wounds are healed
And the night is closing in
They set afire tumbleweed to light up what is dim

So, tell me where did you see the light?
Wind or water the storm is never calm
Did you find your peace when the truthful ones arrived
Or do you save it for tomorrow
When your new dawn will rise

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