Stomp What Lyrics – Dd Osama feat Lil Mizzy (OY), HoodStarDotty, 83baby & JayKlickin

Stomp What Lyrics sung by Dd Osama featuring Lil Mizzy (OY), HoodStarDotty, 83baby & JayKlickin represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Stomp What by Dd Osama.

Stomp What Lyrics

[Intro: Lil Mizzy]
Bow, bow-bow-bow n^^ga
Like ah, it’s that Mizzy n^^ga
Like bow, like, like ah, like, dickhead

[Verse 1: Lil Mizzy]
Everywhere I go I got a Glock in my pants, like (In my pants, n^^ga)
I’ma flick on his mans, like (On bro)
I’m ’bout to make ’em dance (Bow, bow, bow, n^^ga)
And he can’t even reach I won’t give him a chance
I can tell that he p^^sy you can tell by the stance (Tell by the stance, n^^ga)
Don’t ask me who I’m smokin’, b^^ch, I’m smoking Bandz (D^^n)
Like, homicide then I ran
When I hop out I’m throwin’ I hope it don’t jam (Bow, bow)
Why you throwin’ up Hat, doin’ vids on my block, bet (What?)
I’m ’bout to make it hot (Hot, n^^ga)
You gon’ get shot ‘cuz you doin’ that bop
I’ll be back there tweakin’ I’m dumping my chop (On bro)
They know my bop, Mr. Stay-Wit-A-Knock (Knock)
And I’m crashing that Jet it’s gon’ land in a box (D^^n)
Like f^^k lil’ Sami got shot in his back (Shot in his back, n^^ga)
To this day, n^^ga never got back
I know I said that on a couple of tracks (On bro)
That’s how true it is, n^^ga, get back
I’m still tappin’ my neck he ain’t die ‘cuz he fat
Word to bro n^^ga, I never lack
I told Dotty, “Who that n^^ga?” we movin’ tact
Like he move hot then we packin’ the pack
Like I’m outside with them droppin’ the Hat
I’m with JStar da B he throwin’ up the Makk

[Verse 2: HoodStarDotty & Lil Mizzy]
Leg shot, you need to stop (You need to stop, n^^ga)
N^^ga ran on Woo he died (Lotti!)
Nesty, you dirty and popped
Stopped smokin’ his bestie but n^^ga is out (RahRah)
Oh s^^t, I’m too hot
Catch me a 4 put him in the sky (41K)
Kyle Richh, you can’t fight
Catch your Jet, put hands on that dyke
And lil’ Tata you know it’s on sight (On bro)
Run into me you better have your pipe (Better have your pipe)
We ain’t droppin’ no beef, better pick your side
It’s up and it’s stuck ’til the day that I die (41K)
Hop out, we around, we out to the T’s gon’ park up inside
See Stunna don’t geek we gon’ make the boy–, see Stunna don’t geek we gon’ make the boy cry
I’m f^^kin’ posted, that boy tryna lie
We see fake drip, we know that it’s y’all (Bow-bow)
Youssef got hit, and he still wanna rap
But in real life that n^^ga really should’ve died
(Youssef got hit, and he still wanna rap, but in real life that n^^ga– that n^^ga should’ve died!)
Youssef got hit, and he still wanna rap
But in real life that n^^ga really should’ve died (Ahh)
Ayo Dot, who that in that whip? (Who that?)
I don’t know who that is, but throw me the assist
I ain’t passin’ off I got another grip (Bow-bow)
Aight bet, then we makin’ it lit
Like bow, bow, we goin’ on that hit
Like, ahh, ahh, n^^gas know how we get (Ahh, ahh)
If she jackin’ the opps she get shot with the grip
We gon’ do her like Lay n^^ga, left me the grip (‘Lilah!)
Oh bet, y’all wanna diss? (Yeah)
That’s why I’m smokin’ on Spazz n^^ga restin’ in p^^s
Like lil’ Ta shot himself with the blick
Like me and Dotty goin’ on that trip
F^^k [?] he died in the whip ([?])
I’ma try a ‘ooter, tryna catch a hit (Bow-bow, bow)
Sev-OK all that s^^t to my d^^k (Sev-OK!)
N^^gas know how we personally get

[Verse 3: 83Baby]
If she allow me to murder, she roll
JB, Diddy call shots to the throat
They diss on my mans, better stay with a pole
Say, “they spin thru my side” but they never gon’ throw
Try spin through the– (Shh) catch ’em loafin’
N^^ga said I ain’t spin, n^^ga coakin’
I’m on they block, gotta keep my eyes open
Too many shots out the G think I broke it
They diss on my mans, tell ’em pick up a chop (Tell ’em pick up a chop)
Dougie, Sha Gz, both got shot (Both got shot)
Rah, Ray, both head popped (Both head popped)
He get hit with a bullet if he doin’ that bop
Runnin’ like Ricky you know that boy ran
I could never do bad, receivin’ a blam
Boom first I won’t give ’em a chance
Try to push up on me, I bet you he won’t dare

[Verse 4: DD Osama]
When I saw you, told my n^^gas to flick (On bro)
F^^kin’ forgot we left G in the whip (On bro)
Saw the fear in your face, you was scared as a b^^ch (On bro)
And the next time I see you, better have your grip (Bow)
Y’all just dissin’ my brother so y’all can get lit (Like)
See that dyke, put her in a spliff (Spliff)
And the major a b^^ch, n^^ga never did s^^t
Catch him, throw him in a ditch

[Verse 5: JayKlickin]
N^^ga say s^^t again, ’till they lose a n^^ga
N^^gas talkin’ ’bout guns, I’ma boom it (At all, at all)
If he slide on my block, try to boom a n^^ga
I put that on your life, you gon’ lose it (Like)
Heard a couple n^^gas tryna bend (Who that, who that?)
Like, who tryna go meet they friend?
We got knocks in the V we ain’t stoppin’ for– (We got knocks in the V, n^^ga)
Like, no we ain’t stoppin’ for feds (Bow-bow, bow)

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