So Disrespectful Lyrics – Priddy Ugly feat Tyson Sybateli

So Disrespectful Lyrics sung by Priddy Ugly feat Tyson Sybateli represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is So Disrespectful by Priddy Ugly.

So Disrespectful Lyrics

[Intro: Tony Montana]
You need people like me so you can point your f^^kin’ fingers, and say “That’s the bad guy”

[Refrain: Priddy Ugly]
(Eish, yeah)
We just not impressed though
We don’t think you special
We so disrespectful, so disrespectful

[Verse 1: Priddy Ugly]
Man, you see how we manoeuvre precision?
Pursuin’ the mission, that’s includin’ the distance
See what you really missin’ is you dudes didn’t listen
Spliffin’ so my doob, there’s CO₂ we emitting
You fire in the booth but there’s too little business
You don’t really got a lawyer if his suit isn’t fitted
You broers really kiddin’, only truth in these writtens
Never stayed in my lane so excuse my position
Couple hunnid on the Gush’, the roof isn’t missin’
An M-52 just to boost the transimission
And I be makin’ moves just by movin’ consistent
The hue I exude got your muse movin’ different
Any night if I was in the room with your kitten, my n^^ga you were right to assume she was smitten
Said her p^^sy so wet, you need a pool with some fish in
Funny I was never introduced to your Mrs
Blood diamonds, need these rubbies to glisten
Zoom into the jewels, it puts the moon in submission
Gotta choose if you gon’ be a goon or a victim
My achuz in the prison for Suzukis and Nissans
And before I ever lose my ambition, know that I’m abusin’ the sytem
Dudes are full of addiction, I’m a fool with the diction
A few who could use my assistance, haha

[Chorus: Priddy Ugly]
We not impressed though
We don’t think you special
We so disrespectful
We so disrespectful (We so disrespectful, mxm)
Please, we not impressed though
We don’t think you special
We so disrespectful, so disrespectful

[Verse 2: Tyson Sybateli]
I ain’t paid for shoes in four years, take notes (Yeah)
Rappers lie to kick but this blue Mandela won’t
Here’s a penny for your thoughts, I’m soldier buffalo
Your two cents can’t fire on me, proof burnin’ through the flow (Sup?)
Smoke your whole line-up like a laced blunt
Show up at my show stuff with rows tucked
Your lady front row struck, yellin’ ’cause she know us
Can’t shower enemies with no love
Really think somebody shoulda told us
You start to lose people when your glow comes
People grew sour as a grown up
Hop in the van and go to work, my ear ringin’, no fuss
Bandwagon, packed with pant saggin’, naggin’ grown ups
The roof roofless
I let my car bark when I park it, my dawgs soop in
At ten o’clock run through your yard, they not hoopin’
Breakin’ the locks, take laptops, they not choosin’
Fed the block solutins
Blessings came easy but this money came hard
Came with a lil twist like a Young Money song
Houses they came in, my old dawgs Ken dolls
How I’m stealin’ for a livin’ just so I can get the ball, James Hard’

[Bridge: Priddy Ugly]
You don’t really want it with the bad boys
We the most wanted on the tabloids, the bad boys
Stay far away from the bad boys (2-2-2)
You don’t really want it with the bad guys
Stay far away, it’s the advice
The bad guys
Far away from the bad guys

[Outro: Priddy Ugly]
We don’t think you special
You so disrespectful, but we more disrespectful
We just not impressed though
We don’t think you special
We so disrespectful, so disrespectful

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