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Skiiyee Lyrics sung by Jay Hound x Nazgpg represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Skiiyee by Jay Hound.

Skiiyee Lyrics

[Intro: S^^y Redd & Sdot Go]
Like, Thursday dead, n^^ga
Up in the spot, don’t know what the f^^k I’m on
N^^ga s^^k my d^^k
Stop runnin’ from me n^^ga
Like, yall n^^gas is p^^sy, n^^ga
Word to my dead mans, word to bro
Ha ha
Ha, Free Sdot Go, ya heard?
Grah, grah, boom
I’m at the [?]

[Chorus: Jay Hound]
Yo bro, pass me the drink
This lil b^^ch tryna spill all the tea
I do not know her, I just met her
She was outside she was screaming out- (Skeeyee)
I was tryna’ go see wassup’ like (Skeeyee) (Word to bro)
Bro said she a eater
Like, can’t fall in love with a skeezer
Why’s M Row tryna be us?
Thick b^^ch from the-
Jacking my bop she tryna eat [?]

[Verse 1: Jay Hound]
They like “Jay Hound”, yea that’s me
I brought a broom, they ain’t know I could sweep
I send location, they know where to meet
Put the drill on the gun, I might put em’ to sleep
Two big twin chops on me
[?] make em’ delete
Brodie a demon, he don’t believe me
I bet this 40 make em’ believe it
To-tote my [?] so beat it
I don’t know why this lil n^^ga still breathing
Ooter a baby this is deceiving

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