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Skibidi Toilet vs Learning With Pibby Lyrics sung by Fightmarker’s Rap Battles represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Skibidi Toilet vs Learning With Pibby by Fightmarker’s Rap Battles.

Skibidi Toilet vs Learning With Pibby Lyrics

[Opening: Evil Skibidi Toilet (Freshy Kanal)]
Rahhh, it’s me, Evil Skibidi Toilet
If you don’t subscribe to the Fightmarker YouTube channel, I’ll be under your bed tonight (Ha ha ha ha!)

[Intro: Announcer (Fightmarker)]

[Verse 1: Skibidi Toilet (Freshy Kanal)]
Skibidi Skibidi Skibidi, boop bop
See your toilet come alive and then your roof drop
I take your city rules and treat them like they’re s^^ty stool
Now I’m against Adult Swim’s kiddy pool
Your s^^t is s^^t, caca, doo doo
Who’s got the boring schtick, Pibby? You do
Make some EXEs of shows that they’ve already seen
And now you got a sea of dweeb fans, who knew?
But wait, Cartoon Network didn’t like that trash
In fact, I heard they used your script to wipe their a^^
Marketing down the drain when you don’t release s^^t
All that cash is on fire the one time your green-lit

[Verse 2: Pibby (Bozotibz), Corrupted Mordecai (Eric The Audible), Corrupted Rigby (Fightmarker)]
I’d welcome you but with a verse so icky
You’ve come to the right place, you’re gonna learn from Pibby
If Skibidi wants to be so mean then let us hit the beat
Take your words and flip-y so this Toilet ends up Skipping me (Ha ha ha!)
So keep smiling butterface
With a bunch of ugly characters that I can never name
While me and Bun Bun hip-hop just like a-
Wait, where’s Bun Bun?
Take these rhymes in ya’ face

[Verse 2: Corrupted Finn (Vinnyo), Corrupted Shaggy (Matt Raichous), Corrupted Bugs Bunny (Fightmarker)]
‘Cuz b^^ches know I’m a dog like Jake
Like our scary a^^ bars are bound to make you choke
Kill yourself, That’s All Folks

[Verse 3: Skibidi Toilet (Freshy Kanal)]
Blue Pibby, Pink Pibby, Old Pibby, This Pibby
Sea Pibby, Dead Pibby, Sleep Pibby, Skibidi
Had quite enough of this tired old s^^t, Pibby
F^^king lazy children’s horror, it’s all the same s^^t, Pibby
Took another Robot Chicken season over you
Took another Rick and Morty season over you
D^^n, even Royal Crackers got renewed
No one watched that s^^t and they still took it over you
Try to save the series like Bun Bun, your best friend
Face the facts that you’re all Dumb Dumb, Yes Yes
This s^^t is over, you’ll see my crew as G-Men
SFM made AS CNs

[Verse 4: Pibby (Bozotibz), The Darkness, Corrupted Skibidi Toilet (Freshy Kanal)]
Doubt anyone could get past through your show
I’m scarier ’cause it’s characters you actually know
Another thing that’s scary? Your creator’s racist past
Should I call in the Darkness? I know he hates the blacks
Taking over the show, now this freak friend’s next
This head of TV stomps your TV heads
We’re known to corrupt minds whenever we appear
So you can keep talking s^^t, just to the mirror
It was obvious that I just wouldn’t cut it as a rapper
My creator got all of his concepts from the crapper
I knew our chances of success, we’re all just screwed
When he left everyone else asking “Da fuq?” too

[Intermission: Built by Gamers 1 (ItsNugget), Built by Gamers 2 (JosiahGamesTV), Jumbo Josh (Fightmarker)]
Did you hear about the best rap battle ever?
Skibidi Toilet vs Learning With Pibby right?
Dude, yes
Who do you think won?
Tough call, Skibidi Toilet came in with such raw energy
And Learning With Pibby had those educational bars
I think there should be someone else that should be added to the verbal clash
I’m thinking John Pork
What about Larry The Leprechauan?
Or maybe Cemetery Mary
Or uh, what about Garten of Banban?
No, I actually wouldn’t like that at all
Kill your-

[Intermission: Jumbo Josh (Fightmarker)]
If Banbans and Flynns all got along
They’ll probably gun me down by the end of this song
Feels like the whole farm’s up against me
Everytime I’m in the Garten I hear (Jumbo! Jumbo!)

[Verse 5: Jumbo Josh (Fightmaker), (Opila Bird (Danii))]
Something awful’s going on with Indie Horror, bruh
Where the f^^k the disses were is something to explore, Dora
‘Cuz Juniors? Nicked-a-load of them, I’ll paint it like this
Even without Drake, Josh is a still a danger to kids
I got a list, here’s the order of the list that it’s in
It goes Huggy Wuggy, Seek, and Blue
Preston, then me, Banban, Boo
If you listened closely there’s no you
That’s ‘cuz you’ll never make the list, not even barely, dude
Stacking 300 like the Spartans
They say I’m possessed, it’s the Garten
I’m packed with GV, you think your words can phase me?
When ya’ getting GMod’s servers packed with babies
F^^k, Stinger Flynn would have fit with these noises
Last night, Banban took a s^^t, it looked like Skibidi Toilet
I’ll give Pibby an outcome, one her fans f^^king earn
‘Cuz you’ll finally get picked up ‘fore being slammed into the dirt
Now some Friday Night Funkin Mods’ the only answer to their cries
And I thought Opila Bird had trouble getting airtime (AHHHHH!)

[Intermission: Jumbo Josh (Fightmarker)]
Ha ha ha! That’s a Garten of Banban win, brah
Is that Choo-Choo Char-

[Verse 6: Choo-Choo Charles (Danii), (Jumbo Josh (Fightmarker))]
Move b^^ch, get out the way (Aw brah, this isn’t bad)
I’m Choo-Choo Charles, I’m here to stay (AH-)

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