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Scrappers 2 Lyrics sung by Lil Moe 6blocka represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Scrappers 2 by Lil Moe 6blocka.

Scrappers 2 Lyrics

You already know how this s^^t go
Don’t touch me don’t even look at me
Matter fact back the fu^k up

Im on the block I’m holding it down
If you ride passed I’m blowing it down
They came through shooting at the crowd
We came through shooting at the crowd
He screaming and hollering he jumping around
He can’t run foenem hounds
You a opp b!tch where the fu^k you going now?
Where you going opp?
I tote a glock you must be smoking rock
But these r.i.p.’s open tops like soda pop
And don’t look too suspicious riding’ down this block we on that car
50 on that switchy it keep shooting they like “when he gone stop?”
Fu^k they thought it was? we sent shots just because

Heard they in the club we fu^k around and in the club
Can’t see in this b!tch we 5 percent we tinted up
He was down and bad til’ we sent him up
Stopped on 79th to get some russian creams
Don’t run up on us because we keep them russian things
Foenem’ll hop out blicking they be rushing things
I think about what you did in yo’ fu^kin dreams
Get some fu^king z’s
I’m a lil’ n!gga but my gun taller than me
So just watch how you talk when you talking to me
Double cross who? you won’t make it cross’ the street
Ar .308 this b!tch’ll make ’em call for peace
Pull up with that chop out I’m like “what’s with all this tension?”
He let all hit shots off and he missed ’em ya’ll should bench him
He caught a neck shot he caught a back shot we ain’t even cause attention
And we got his lo’ ain’t no knocking on doors we kicking that b!tch off the hinges
You got yo’ gun I got my gun it’s a showdown
.308’s raining we’ll make it pour down

He thought we was done ’til we let off some more rounds
That boy tried to run I bet his dumba^^ know now
That’s that car flipping flip it swish it we causing collisions
Foenem pop out bushes in them trenches it get treacherous
We got four glocks and they switches boy that “ghost glock” ain’t gon’ get it
Oh that’s your block we been spinning’? when he fall run up drench him
Told that boy “stop it” we got options my glock came with optics
From the 3 I shoot like steve francis from the the rockets
What you doing reaching in your pocket? don’t be a trending topic
That back door open I already forgot to lock it we all in your apartment
We all in they crib making n!ggas lay down
You can try to run get chased down like a greyhound
ain’t no letting it slide fu^k you think this a playground?
This ar .556’ll lay a ape down b!tch
Foenem grave you already know how this s^^t go scrappers

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