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School Dem Lyrics sung by Chronic Law represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is School Dem by Chronic Law.

School Dem Lyrics

Yuh know di code already enuh
Know wi nuh deal wid shaky ting
After wi shub gun inna yuh face
Yuh ah show all di crazy tings weh yuh brain ah tink
Wi nuh go dem way deh yute
Mek wi teach dem e badness

Yuh imagination shaky
Mout’ dem ah run, wi nuh join lip racin’
Trouble dem ah gi’, ah pickney weh just fiesty
Kunk him ah punk, sen’ him home fi do rakin’
Yah, study yuh book yuh brain lazy
Suicide yuh ah do, and dem ah seh ah bravery
Any police weh deh pon yuh pay list
Tell dem fi find dah file deh bout rapist
Cyan bait up wi name
Rockfort when mi aim
Blood ah drip and never drain
Spain ah marrow wi like put pon plane
Couple flights inna weh day anuh nothing fi explain
Lyrics fi days, dem vocabulary lame
Nah fi puzzle mi brain, mek him dig him owna grave
Di bullet dem ah surf when di Matic dem ah wave
And everybody ah splurt, mi nah see nobody brave

School dem
Ah fool dem
Dem cyan keep up wid di movement (Yeah)
Mi style shot, amuse dem
Murder wi dwell inna, wi nuh wul loose medz (Yeah)
School dem
Ah fool dem
Dem cyan keep up wid di movement
Mi seh gyal poison rass, it too easy fi shoot dem
Ah never gimmicks, ah lyrics ah confuse dem

Lyrical from primary
Yuh know di code nuh binary
Mi change di style ah bit fi who seh Chronic n’ave nuh dynamic
Seh dem gallop roun’ fi be nuh 100 metre finalist
And finally dem stop procrastinate, ah just dem mind ah lead
Ah who lock down di world, ah never USA nor China dweet
6ixx and Gaza different type ah species
Yow, some bwoy ah feces
Watch him blood ah water grass, ah never pipe ah dweet
Di gun weh Fighter squeeze, it just ah spit without saliva drip
Inna yuh place anuh fi pay extortion
Man box yuh dung weh day, ah weh yuh get unuh war from
Get another writer, yuh nuh see unuh wan’ song
Cyan buy out Yallas, wul ah mi killa dem loyal
Dem circle ah bun roun’ slow, destroyer
Buy mi owna gun, mi fire dem like employers
Fus dem ah hear dem similes and dem metaphors yeah
Nothing nuh normal

School dem
Ah fool dem
Dem cyan keep up wid di movement

Yuh father weh drive taxi know seh wi ah run e road
Yuh nuh see seh yuh heart ah dutty up yuh clothes
Ah buy gun and dem cyan tek off e running board
Mi pull it down ah fit up
Yeah man ah suh wi role
Dem feel dem dark through dem watch duppy show
Dem dead already and mi nah sing nothing more
School dem and send dem home, bwoy go do yuh chores

Yuh know di code enuh man
After wi tell dem talk facts dem come back wid di same f^^kery
Yuh know wi out here
Wi don’t [?] like all di time enuh man
Flawless victory
Lyrics over gimmicks
Know seh mi ah di sickest

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