Saint The Great Freestyle Lyrics – Young Money Saint

Saint The Great Freestyle Lyrics sung by Young Money Saint represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Saint The Great Freestyle by Young Money Saint.

Saint The Great Freestyle Lyrics

I be turning
The tables
I be high
Like some cables
Some rappers
Be snapping
But some others
Not able matter fact
That’s unstabled
We just call that’ll
Disabled they got
No energy they
Need some
Power cables
I’m just happy I’m
Grateful other
People ungrateful
Im just joyful
They hateful
That is painful
And fatal I go
Hard cuz I’m
Greater I’m
The lyrical
Maker hot
Like a oven
Baker got
No time for
The fakers
Sticking straight
To the paper
Balling hard
Like the Lakers
Snapping hard
Like a gator
Fire flames
What im spitting
Burn you faster
Then plastic
That’s no open
D^^n casket turnt
Body to ashes
Now you looking
So tragic
I be spitting with
Passion I got
Heart and compassion
Give em straight
What they
Asking passing through
With defractions
Coming with
Some actions all my
N^^gas assassin’s
I got time
For no drama I
I put that on
My mama
That’s been written
With commas getting
Getting rich like
Obama dropping
Bonds like Osama
Life is fine like
Rihanna pass
A blunt in
Rotation rising
Up levitation leveled
Up transformation
Going hard
I’m the last
Making moves
Like a Haitian
I’m the perfect
Creation smoking
Weed like
A Haitian

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