Rotten Apples Lyrics – Harto Falión

Rotten Apples Lyrics sung by Harto Falión represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Rotten Apples by Harto Falión.

Rotten Apples Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I done climbed too far to get knocked down
This time if I fall, you better watch out
But if I plop, I’mma go re-plot it out
Since they always try to block, get out, made a different route
They the type to shapeshift, thought I wouldn’t figure out
It’s just me and my shadow tryna find a way out
Ral Grad, I’ve been trapped so long I can’t pout
But I’d rather build it up than have to break this s^^t down
All that’s left that always will, had to let it pan out
We got the world in our hands, they waiting for no handout
Then they get controlled like a PSP, smoking on that [?]
‘Cause this s^^t so [?], when you [?] it, it get hard to see
Exo’ fill my lungs of it
My heart might got drugs in it but I still get love from it
Don’t tell me you need it ’cause I know that you really just want it
Thought I was a loser, but in the end still won it

[Verse 2]
I don’t gotten too high, can’t fall now
I ain’t really have much, I put it all down
I’ve been in the cut so much I keep the gauze out
Stray mutt, I’ve been on the grind they talking dog [?]
Better get a grip, you can’t stall now
I just walk in, then I walk out
Aura dancing with the lights dimmed down
Like they washing, they gon’ always need a hand out
Had to dirty up my own paws, and clean my own claws
Upping up my dose, I’m taking both the doors off
Feel like the world on my shoulders, I’m just trying to take a load off
I know it can wait, so I’m suggesting that you hold on

Let it grow, let it rot out
Let it grow, now let it rot out
Let it grow, now let it rot out
Let it grow, now let it rot

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