Rojo Lyrics – Kenny Capone

Rojo Lyrics sung by Kenny Capone represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Rojo by Kenny Capone.

Rojo Lyrics

Smokin’ pain in my lungs in the chokehold
I can’t f^^k with a b^^ch screamin’, “Yolo”
Don’t got a stick, it get hot like pogo
It’s a man down If I see Rojo
N^^ga got clapped then he ran to the pogo
In the back, n^^ga lacked for a b^^ch. he a bozo
I’m with a baddie, we walkin’ through Sojo
She make it clap, I control it like Rogo

Oh s^^t, I think I mean Rogu
Shorty s^^t fat, throw it back like it’s oldschool

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