Red Cartel Lyrics – Boldy James

Red Cartel Lyrics sung by Boldy James represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Red Cartel by Boldy James.

Red Cartel Lyrics

Used to pour all my troubles in a fifth of martell
Where we at
Now we in the wraith looking at the star ceil’

Water colors hitting in my chain
Platinum sea frames got the cartier’s flooded
Sprinkle arm & hammer on the ‘caine
Make a cheese cake look like some garlic butter
Titties on the yop need a hard to top
She’ll chew up these n!ggas party busses
Yeah I run with coke marty chop
And my n!gga streets that’s ‘mari brother
M n!ggas know we locked in big f.n. and the glock 10
Seen a couple m’s off the shantay and another milli off the roxanne
All my b!tch fashion high-end
We be ot ducking sheriffs and them undercovers with the spy cams
Where a hundred pills get you five bands
Crack a seal soon as I land

Lil brodie robbed black taliban
Me and t.j. burning jet fuel
Him and taliban and my nephews
Rose gold rosie perez
Break a half brick up in four bids
Only n!gga walk around the hood
Quarter milli ice on with no strig
Orange and black hellcat
Purring on these pu^sy n!ggas like garfield
Baby bag and her kicks five racks
You ain’t gotta check if her scarf real
Ap playing peek-a-boo
Up a n!gga sleeve doing cartwheels
Feel like coach k when I’m down the way
I done seen more blues than tarheel

Weight of the world on my shoulders light as a barbell
Cause I done felt so much pain I just hope the scar heals

227 medellin the red cartel
Just made a 12 play off of kelly with them r. kells
My bro bro just shout out the way headed to starkville
Weight of the world on my shoulders light as a barbell
Cause I done felt so much pain I just hope the scar heals
227 medellin the red cartel

Move the bag jimmy johns fast
Plugged in like I work at comcast
Melt it down with the visionware
Tipped it to the side like a wine glass
Quick to slide like a ice cat
Deuce of amneal that’s a night cap
Fiends copping od and dropping
From them hot shots and them spice packs
Venus fly trapping with this big glock
Think he nickel slick he got a lot of nerve
Five racks for a biggie fry
I just got me fifty zips out a bird
Off the high glass
I got n!ggas doing football numbers for them thigh pads
Found a line out in chinatown on the price of tea with them triads
Me and los we was taught growing up live fast you gon’ die fast
I’m from graves block belvedere and warren
He from houston whitney [?]
36 a cooked pound
5vo and some change for a pie graph
Every time a n!gga get took down
They gon’ try to blame me like its my bad
Contemplating on my next bag
Pearl a backy up took a light drag
Know a n!gga finna do the dash
When you see them blue and red lights flash
So broke n!ggas wouldn’t even sign my cast
Ice face cartier whiter than some rice cakes
But them squares whiter than an ipad

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